Dec 22, 2007

merry xmas to all

I have not been on here for alittle while cause I have been under the weather and it doesnt just grab one and miss the others, whewwwww, now my hubby is sick and trying to fight off this cold that doesnt want to leave....
well i hope everyone gets what they want for xmas. may all your prayers be answered and that your blessed with lots of love but over all lots of health.
From my familia to yours,
Feliz Navidad y Un prospero Ano Nuevo.
Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous New Years!
Take care and be safe,
if I do not come back on until new years,
I hope that everyone enjoys there new years but
overall that you are safe with your loved ones.\!!!!!
Please do not drink and drive and if you do pass the keys or
just take some extra PJ's and spend the nite!