Jul 31, 2008

Prima Flowers and so much more.......even SU

Ok the Prima Flowers are going as well,
I have 5 little baggies with about 23-30 maybe a lil more of Prima flowers,
I also have some really beautiful Prima Flowers, in a small tin, looks really adorable.

prima flowers
The Colors Are Prima Heavenly Mauve, Black, Green and Blue

These are $6.50 per tin.....
The Black one is sold......................................
Take a Closer Look down here

Aren't they just yummy!!!!

Ok these are the other Prima Flowers, already packaged and ready to ship!
These are $3.50 per baggie, and there are only 5 of these left.

TINKERBELL STAMPS........I HATE TO LET THEM GO BUT ITS TIME THEY GO TO A NEW HOME!!!! This Set will sell for $11, it is a birthday invitation set.

Polka Dot and Paisley was in last years Spring Mini Sale on SU!!!

Totally Cool, with the girls with Cell phones and the sentiment says,

hope your birthday is like totally cool. great for teenage cards..... this set is incomplete cannot find the larger stamp of the girl... so its going for $5

Small Sayings $8.50
great condition

Itty Bitty Backgrounds and Quick Thinking
Both for $15 or $7.50 each

Baby Shower Stamps, brand new set, missing 3 stamps
yours for only $6.50

Package of Stampin Up Invitations for a SU Party!!!

Brand new still in package,,,, $4.00,

there are about 100 invites i think.

SALE item #2

I will be having some Stampin Up Sets for Sale that may or may not be retired, but nonetheless they are just taking up space. Please be mindful that some sets may have some missing stamps, but they are in great condition, some have never been mounted, some are partially mounted, some of slight staining but they are in great condition.

Pricing and shipping for these items are about the same as the
other items that have been placed on sale.

Lexicon of Love $11.00

Heartfelt thanks $15

So Very $ 14

Cant recall the name of this one but its $8

Big Blossom Flower $13

ITEM SOLD & Shipped
Big Deal Alphabets UnMounted only one was used $22


Fancy flexible Sayings $20 partially unmounted, slightly used, no stains

I will return in about an hour with much more stuff, Even Prima Flowers in little bags, approx. 20-30 flowers per bag for $3.50

Will have scrapbook paper, embellishments, etc.... so be sure to come back .......

Paypal payment is preferred and the email address to use is lafresca4109@yahoo.com, contact me if you wish to send check or money order, please note that the items will not ship until payment method has cleared.

SaLe SaLe Sale

ok ladies here is the scoop,
I am going to be having a sale, alot of items are
$1 all the way up $20+.
Shipping will be as follows, if totals come out to
less that $10 shipping will be $2.50
anything over $11.00 will ship priority mail $4.80

Stampin Up Wheels and carriers, I have the
Flitter By, $6
Leaves a La Carte $6,=Sold and Shipped
Water color Joy $4,
Adoring Hearts $6
Small Carrier $3
Large Carrier $4
All Wheels have been cleaned, they may have slight staining, but otherwise in great condition, used a handful of times.

These stamps are all $1 or you can by them in bunches for $10 for 10.

These stamps are all in great condition, smoke free house and slightly or no stains.

Jul 28, 2008

WOW, it felt like an eternity.......

First and foremost, let me just say that there are some of you out there and you know who you are, that have kept in contact with me, even it was a little hello , thinking of you and what not.
I am soo very much appreciative of your well wishes.
Ok a little update, my under arm surgery is now almost fully recovered, except for a small
small hole that needs to close, the scar I have on my left underarm is horrendous
it looks like spider legs almost, but anywho, I got that out of the way, hopefully it will not
return so that I dont have to go through all the pain I did.
I would like to get back into the swing of things, but its going to be a while because
now I have to get ready for whatever comes my way with my
Cervical Cancer. Its a huge mess, they cannot seem to find what the problem is, but i am
confident that the oncologist will pinpoint whats wrong.....
Well here is a little update on what I am going to be doing.
I know some of you mentioned about the PHAT Stamps, that will be in the works
and I am going to be having some scrubbers and rubber stamp cleaners.
I wanted to take a poll, on whether to do red rubber stamps, acrylic stamps or DIGI Stamps.
What would you like to see?
Also, Im going to be posting up here and on ebay, some stamps, paper, embelishments, etc......etc.......for sale, simply because I am going to be focusing on my line and
I need to make room for the products that I will be bringing in,
mainly ribbons, and some embellishments, papers, etc...etc....
so please be on the look out for that, I have entirely too much
stuff and not enough time to make cards, I will me getting rid
of alot of stuff and at a great deal, maybe some sets will be made, i just have to figure out
how I am going to make the sets.
Just a little heads up so be on the look out