Jun 26, 2007

Its been a while, but here it goes

I did these cards this weekend, as my son Jason begged me to let him help me. So these are our creations. He helped with the style of the card, placing the embellishments and picking out the ribbons. Thank you Jason, my Sugar Booger, lol. Let me know what you think.

****Also Joan please email me privately, I need to ask something of you****
Ok there they are and here I go!

Jun 13, 2007

Reply to some questions!

Queen Mary asked me how many teachers do my boys have? Well, in Public Schools here they tend to have 2-3 teachers and para professionals per room, depending on the disability of the children. Both my sons have 3 teachers= 1 teacher, 2 paras. My boys just love there teachers soo much they hate to leave them when vacation time come.
Thank you for the comment on the National PR Day Parade, this year was the biggest one of all, because it was the 50th Anniversary of the Parade and people from all over the world come to NYC to see this annual event. Thanks again.
I am going crazy this week and next my daughter has her
8th Grade Prom this Friday and Graduation next Friday, so this
is big for her. She will be getting her hair and nails did. I will post pictures
up when she getting ready to leave.
Well Ladies, have a good night and may all your wishes come true!

I Received my Swaps for SU Favorite Stamp sets

I thought they were just too cute, thank you ladies the cards look wonderful....

The Teacher Bellas are Finally Done!!!!

These are the cards for my boys teachers. I think they turned out pretty. the pic does not do them justice as I was rushing to get them on my site....lol..But nonetheless they are up.... hope you enjoy...

Jun 10, 2007

Happy National Puerto Rican Day!

I want to wish those of you who may be in here that are Puerto Ricans a warm Hello and
"Que Viva Puerto Rico".

Our Heritage is a unique one of Love, Music, Great food and the Art of Salsa Dancing. I am honored to be from such a great Culture and Everyone should go there at least once,
its the most beautiful Island and like Ricky Martin said this morning,

"There are 4 million Boricuas on the Island and everyone says its MI ISLA."

After all the hoopla is over today with the Parade and I go to our Newly Named Puerto Rico Plaza, here in Perth Amboy, NJ , I will come home to a little table that is waiting for me to create my "Que Viva Puerto Rico Card" today.

Thank you all for sharing this wonderful day for Boricuas.

If there are any boricuas that love to stamp say ....." WWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPAAAA"

Oh yes before I forget, I made a cute card last night after coming from the festival where the Princess of the Salsa La India performed. I think it was very cute.

I also added Swarvoski Cyrstals to the ribbon.

Jun 9, 2007

Hear Ye Hear Ye

The contest is closed guys, My winner was picked and I am waiting for Joan to contact me.

Thanks guys...

Jun 8, 2007

And the Winner is.....................

Congratulations Joan from Maryland.

This was her comment and I thought it was authentic and very funny.
"What can I say! I am a Stampaholic and don't want recovery! My addiction began about 7 years ago.
It started with a few stamps, then I discovered Stampin' Up and signed up.
My 2 little Iris carts grew. Then it was time to move! Well I got my own room! Now my addiction is all over that room! OMG! I can't stop! I love SU, but I also love other stamps!~
And my latest non SU pleasure has been Bella stamps.
Those girls make me feel like a skinny woman!
Ya know.....There is a skinny woman inside me screaming to get out,
but I usually shut her up with cookies!"
I thought this was very funny and most of all I too feel that there is a skinny woman inside me screaming to get out, lol...
So with that said, please send me a pm at mvega926@verizon.net so that you can provide me your address and I will be shipping the "Candy" out to you by Monday.
Thanks all again for participating and I already saw the next goodies that I will placing on the contest and so far it looks like cuttlebug something will be in the prize...

Blog Candy Comment Contest Closed!

ok Ladies,

I will return tonight with the winner of the Blog Candy so those of you who are interested in leaving a comment if you have not already done so, you must get your comments in by 8 p.m.

The winner will be announced by 9 p.m. tonight. I know its a bit late but nonetheless the winner will be announced then.

Regarding my doctors appointment today, it was not good but not too bad. A few more weeks of testing and all should be well.

Well ladies I am off to re-read your comments and make my decision. I am so excited....

Also I wanted to ask those ladies whom I have joined there swap, I respectfully request that my name be removed from the list because of personal obligations that will take from my time to do the cards or images. I will join other swaps a little after july. Thank you soo much.


This was just too awesome, I have made my 1000 hits and then some. Well for that I would like to thank all the ladies who participated. I will be announcing the winner of the cutest blog candy around by tonight. So stay tuned, I enjoyed reading all of the comments and how all of you got into Stamping. I must admit some have made me laugh and I think I needed that because the way I got into stamping.
I started because my co-worker Sonia, (who was just here last night placing an order) invited me to her home on a Friday after work to a SU party. So I said I'll bite, and I went off to the party and after doing a few cards, I placed a $97. order so after I got that, I said hmmm this is a cool idea. I found another demo and just ordered my kit, along with that because i could not find a demo fast enough i had placed another order with another demo and in that order I had about $150. So I got my kit and my other order around the same time and It went downhill from there.
So Thank you Sonia for having the party and making me spend the money I really don't have, because now I can't even go the dollar store without searching around for any type of stamping or paper product. lol..
I'll get back to you ladies in the evening as I have a fun filled morning going to the Doctors to find out what is wrong with my annual PAP. I am crossing my fingers and praying that its nothing life threatening. So please my new Bella friends, say a little prayer for me today.

Jun 7, 2007

Well ladies good night, I am soo happy at the turn out that I cannot contain myself.

I really think stamping and hand made cards are a relaxing therapy and when you put your mind to it you really do come up with some amazing things...

My little Bella home for instance, turned out perfect for my taste and i didnt think it would when i started it... but all if fair in the love of stamping.....

have a great evening all.... I just may move up the date for the winner... By the time i wake up I should have already hit the 1000 mark...

soo we may have our winner by Saturday!!!!!

Thanks ladies for making these hits a success....

Buenas Noches a todas las BELLAS!!!!

Here it is ladies!!!

Wow, I didnt know I would have such a big turn out, I am really happy to see everyone participating. Its really makes me see how much we really are into stamping....

Well as promised here is what I am giving away.....
  • 3 sets of stickers,
  • 1 pack of little envelopes,
  • 1 paper pad that has different styles,
  • 2 stamps one is a dragon fly and the other vase with flowers,
  • 1 glue bottle.

I hope the winner will enjoy these and will be able to create something cute with it.

Its not much, but when you look at all the stuff you keep buying, you say to yourself, "WOW, I had all these things in here?!?!" So I am glad to be able to share some of my things with you.

My next contest will hold something a bit more valuable..like maybe a cuttlebug something, scissor this or that, I dont know yet but it will be something nice.. maybe a gift card.... or something,,.. well take care ladies and watch out for the Winner come Monday morning. I have been reading all your comments and I find that I relate to alot of you.

Agaim thanks for stopping by and if there are any ladies out here in New Jersey drop me a line maybe we can get together.

My First Blog Candy Contest!!!!

I do not have it with me right now, but I will in a few hours!

I have some things that I can give out but I am going to see how quickly I can get to 1000 hits.

When I reach 1,000 hits, I will raffle off the "CANDY". So with that said, The best comment will take the prize.

What really got you into the Stamping Craze that we are all
c-c-c-c-razzyyy about?

I figure that by at least Sunday I should be up to 1,000 hits. The winner will be announced Monday morning and the candy should be out to the winner by Thursday.

Comment Away!
Hey ladies:

Take a gander at Trish's corner over there in Philly, she has some cool blog candy and the stamp set is worth it all. She also has some cool stickers and other things. I entered it and so should you. There are many chances to win!
she has a nice assortment of cards as well....

I'll be posting a clipboard that I am working on shortly. So be on the look out for that.

c ya Later.

Jun 6, 2007

My Little Corner in New Jersey

Well I saw the other Ladies with there pics of there corner in there home and I wanted to do mine as well.

Its not much but its a start and when I finally move to a new home I will make sure to have an extra small room for my creative brain. lol...

Thanks for looking! Have a great rest of the night!

My Bella's New Home!!!

Well I just finished this little box that had totally different look when I started. I went to Amazing Savings and found these little boxes (Not Tin) that I decided to make into my Bella's New Home. I got inspired from Caz's box she created for her Bella's.
used SU Paper, rhinestones, On the Emma Bella on the top I added Glaze to her Red Hair for Shine, LOL and on the bags I added it as well.

I dont mean to toot my own horn but "TOOOT - TOOOT!"
It turned out great for me.
I hope you enjoy it and please comment on this.... Take care now...

Jun 1, 2007

This one is Very Different!!

Well in looking through a magazine I saw this card shape and found it interesting. I made a smaller version and it actually turned out cool!!!

I hope you ladies like it.... I used the glaze over the entire flower and used glitter glue to outline the flower. I also glazed the little flower on the sentiment.

Let me know what you think!