May 31, 2007

Teachers are Wonderful!

I am making these cards for my boy's teachers. My boys are in
Special Services in our school district her in Perth Amboy.
My son Carlos (13) has Speech Apraxia and
developmentally delayed when it comes to retaining information.
My son Jason (8) has ADHD, vertigo and we just found out that he
has a nerve damage to his left ear.
There teachers are the most wonderful teachers that any district could have.
Teachers are our second mothers to our children.
I thought it would be nice to send them off to
the summer recess with a nice card, to show them my appreciation
for working with children who have special needs.

Check them out and let me know what you think.
There are only two so far, there are 4 more coming.

May 30, 2007

Bling Bling!!!

Well last nights card turned out pretty cool, I think. Have you ladies ever sat there and just think and think on how your going to do it and then boom you get this great idea?

That happens to me a lot lately.

The products are SU paper, glitter glue for the diamond effect and lots of heart!

I hope you ladies enjoy!
Im going to be working on something else today,
hopefully I'll be able to do it at work today.

Take care and keep cool today and tomorrow promises to be extra warm on the East Coast.

May 28, 2007

sorry bout that

I know i said i would add a card today remembering our vets, but i just have not been feeling well. i am a criminal justice major at berkeley college and had tons of work to finish. I will definitely place the card up on the site tomorrow.

ladies i just wanted to say that you are all a great bunch of gals and i am happy that i got into stamping and now i have made many new friends...

i will be posting up a swap soon. its going to be awesome.... it will be 5+1 of any thing goes. any technique and any stamp set , etc..

more details to come... its going to be color specific but with any technique, stamp,, yada yada.;lol

im off to bed ladies must rest up

Happy Memorial Day

I think something is wrong with the site today, but it could just be me, soo....with that said
I just wanted to say that we should be reminded today of all those who have laid there life on the line so that we can have our freedom.
This is my opinion and my opinion alone. We should pull our troops from the middle east because we are slowly but surely making our families smaller when they should be getting larger. Our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, cousins, friends, loved ones need to come back home now.
Lets honor there memory by keeping them alive!
I will be posting a card that I am attempting to make that will show my respect and gratitude. Keep an eye out!

May 27, 2007

Hairapy!!!! from drab to FAB!!!

I said I would do two but only got to 1, cause I was enjoying the day.

This card was inspired for my hairdresser Lisa, located in Fords, New Jersey at the Design Line Salon. She is the greatest hairstylist ever, she listens and most of all provides great styling services. The shop is comfortable and peaceful.

All you need is

Lisa thanks for styling my hair these past 10 years! Your the best.
Take a bow, Lisa!!!!

If you decide to give Lisa a try, for those in the Middlesex County, New Jersey area
tell her Baby sent you!
grumpabella front of card, emmabella inside.!!!!!!

Here is the Sunday Edition!!!

Well this is the Sunday edition of my bella. I got this idea although it did not turn out exactly as I saw it but nonetheless it is "ALIVE", lol....

I got this one from one of the bella albums in bellaholics group.
Addictabella Angela's Creations, this was a rendition of your Friends Card,
I just had a piece of the burgundy cs, and used that to
guide me and then the rest followed.
  • su cs: salmon, burgundy su.
  • brown paper twine, beige brad
  • flowabellah stamp; i am happy for you! sentiment and
  • the grassy flowers from friends stamp set.
  • pattern paper
  • glitter glue
  • Lots of Love from Mua!!! (lol)
  • OMG this took me about 2 hours to do. Everyone was already in bed and my DH was in the room with me and it was about 10:30 p. and I said Im not going to bed without making a card. Keepin my promise ;) Well I saw Angela's card and bam, I began to work, it took me a while to get the colors, but like I said, She is Alive! I hope that you like her and that you would like to case her too. I will be adding two more cards today, (I hope!)

    I hope you all are enjoying this Beautiful weekend, and if you are on the East Coast, then you know that our weather was Simply Gorgeous! Enjoy all life has to give!

    Talk to you Ladies later, thanks for stopping bye!

    May 25, 2007

    Thanks Mother-in-law!!!

    Im keeping my word, here is another card. This one I created for my mother in law in Puerto Rico,

    • bella stamp

    • su cardstock

    • glitter glue

    • scallop edges

    • dry embossing technique

    • ribbon & brads

    its kind of thick, It has about 5 levels of cardstock on it.

    Please comment away, I love to get your ideas and critiques.

    Stay tuned for tomorrows card.

    Check out my Guestbook!

    cosmo promise

    Her sentiment states: This is my first one, I Promise!!!!
    I just loved the colors, the card itself is black.

    Hello ladies, Well as you can see, I am trying to keep to my promise of a card a day. yesterday was bit rough for me so I have two of them today.

    This one is just a special meaning for me. From the Jerry McGuire movie,

    I used Su Products and forgive me but I cant recall the name of the paper right now, I used the computer to write the sentiment of " You complete me!"

    The flowers are leather like stickers, I thought it was too cute to pass up in Amazing Savings!!!

    I hope you all like, now check my Cosmobella Card.!!!

    May 23, 2007

    Made up my mind!!!!

    I have decided that from today on I will blog at least once a day and post a card a day. I find that this helps me unwind and take my mind off my troubles. I will definitely do this for my sanity. As my fellow blogger Ashley says Take time for yourself, and thats What I will be doing! I feel that I need to start getting my business going and dont know how? Any other bloggers out there have any suggestions for me? Let me know and I will be posting again in the afternoon so keep an eye out for new things.....

    May 16, 2007


    My Bellas are finally coming home. I cannot wait to play with them. I have not posted many things up here yet but things will pick up. Its like life takes control of your life and you have no time for anything.....but I will make the time now...

    Also if any ladies are looking for Mary Kay products, I can give you skin care class and the hostess gets a makeover from me.

    Let me know please. send my inquires to

    May 9, 2007

    Hello All, I am a bit behind on my blogging but I am here now.. I will be posting up a few cards that I made and I will be hosting my swap sooner than I think. this is all so exciting to me that I can not think of anything else.. pathetic huh. lol well ill be back later on to give the cards a new home....