Oct 27, 2007

My Friend Diana Has some Blog Candy

Go take a look over at Diana's blog.....

She's nearing or has reached her 5000 hits and is celebrating......

tell her Stampin-Mami sent ya!

Oct 22, 2007

Wooo hooooo, I got happy mail again and on Monday no less!

I just got my new Hanna Stamps from Kreations by Krissy!
you gals need to go over to
New rubbah stamps company, I am sure
she will be taking off really soon!!!!
I saw the set and could not resist
so my hubby surprised me and ordered them last week
and I already got it in the mail..
What a way to start the week!
Thanks for sending them so quickly....
if I didnt have to do so much homework, I would
play with her tonight....
who knows I might just finish it all and get at least the
image stamped and ready to go for tomorrow....

Elite Bead Creations has a Giveaway.. take a look


They are giving a way a pair of Swavorski Crystal Dangling Earrings they are totally awesome... go and take alook.

tell them Stampin-mami sent ya!

Oct 21, 2007

WOW WOW WOW .. Im nearing

my 3000 hits already..... isnt that just wonderful.....
As soon as I reach 3001 I will send out a small candy
for helping reach 3001, why 3001 and not 3000?!!!?!
Well because "I said So",
you know how us moms love the I Said So phrase
when it comes to the kids right.....
Well leave me your best "Because I said so" comment
and the winner will be chosen and mentioned by
October 31, 2007 and that will be the winner of
"3001 hits BECAUSE I SAID SO!"
I am just laughing up a storm over here... I cannot wait to see
what you ladies come up with.......!


I got some really great images from the girls over at the
Yahoo Group for House Mouse!
I have already begun to color them in and
will be displaying the cards sooon.
Thanks Tammy and .... your gonna kill me but you know who you are....... lol...
im going to have to make a list on
Excel to remember everyone's name,,,
geesh..... sorry sweetie but you know I love ya.....
Your images will be out next week as well...
So if anyone would like to trade any images with me of any kind I have
Bellas, Missy B and I just got one from
HANNA STAMPS.... that is way tooo cute.. can't wait for it to arrive......
for any any images sent to me i will send 2 each of the
stamps I mentioned above....
Thanks Ladies and I will be posting the
cards on the group soon.....

I have the 3 ladies who will be receiving a GOODie SomEthinG!!!!

I said it would be the first 3 people but I will add one more....
I hope this inspires you to have your own PAY IT FORWARD
and make someones mail a
Shannon Roberts
Penny from MZ Penny Kreationz
These will go out by the end of next week thanks
for looking around and by all means.....

Oct 20, 2007

Whewwww, Im tired now! But I have one more to go

I saw this sketch of the card on one of the blogs I have linked here or maybe from CPS or SCS, I will not take full credit for the card because I cannot
remember where I got it from but I remembered more or less how the
card looked and wanted to try my hand at this....

I saw this and thought that this was a very unique style and I just
loved it..... so I sat in my little corner of the room and started to
get the papers together and looking around for which ink to use...
I. ended up using the Triple ink colors that makes it look like
a rainbow.. I dont have the ink pad in front of me if not I would
write the correct name but any whooo......

Here is the end result...
Cuttlebugs, ribbons, glitter glue, glaze and
Stamps from Michaels $1 Bin.............

Ok here is a little PIF of my own!!!!

The first 3 people to comment on the previous post of the "PIF" will get a small goodie something from me. So come on leave your comments and get a little goodie, you must tell me what if anything you have Paid Forward to someone else.
I hope to hear from yall soon!
****also send me your snail mail to mvega914@yahoo.com and place
YOUR BLOG PIF on subject line. ******
Just so you know, your goody something will go out towards the end of next week as that is when I will be able to do so!!!!

So I got home on Thursday and found this happy Mail

I joined in on the PIF (Pay it Forward) fun on the SCS site. and STAMPINSTEL sent me these goodies....
  • Color paper
  • Pair of Earrings (made by Stampinstel her self)
  • Flowers
  • oval scallops
  • and some really cute Snap Ease Fasteners from Rob and Bob studio of Provo Craft
  • oh yea and some Petite Metal Signage

The fasteners were the most cutest thing ever....you just pop the snap ease embellishment thru the project your doing and snap it securely in place.... tooo cutey patoootey....

If your reading this Lastel, thank you again for your cute gifts and I hope you enjoy your package, please let me know when it arrives....!

I have been a busy bee these past few days!!!!

The kids had a little tin box of War Heads candy laying around in the room and I saw it and a light bulb went off... lol....

So I began to think "hmmmm... I can use this for something...." so I started searching around and brainstorming and decided to come up with this.

My try at the Acetate Cards.......

Ok, so here is my Acetate Card and out of a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, I was able to get two cards. I think it turned out pretty good

I got alot of ooohs and ahs from the home front! :)
None the less I tried my hand at it and I had lots of fun creating
them, I was soo excited... now I dont feel like an outsider any more
I can finally say that I have been there and done that......!!

Oct 19, 2007

Pink- get the party started

heres another one

Pink - Who Knew (LIVE)

SHe is one of my Favorite Singers....

Just wanted to let you know!

Ok so I haven't been posting as much I would love to, believe me if I could spend the day doing cards and paper crafting all day, I would, but life is not that easy right now...
I see all the other SAHM and WAHM's blog sites and I wish I could do the same,
but in time I will be one of those mom's Trust me. I am working on that.
So I have gotten the "ITCH" to design my own line of Rubber Stamps, although it wont be as elaborate as those like Gina K, or Cats Pajamas, Stamping bella,
but slowly but surely I will have my own little company going..
So with that said, please be keep an eye out for my blog because I will be looking for some Designers to help me with making my stamp images..I have some local people
already that have made some really cool things, and I as well have drawn out some things, and GINA K and EmmyBella, MY HAT IS OFF TO YOU ladies and all those
others that I cannot remember right now, this is not easy but it is oh sooo much fun. So
if you have any advice for me please I am all ears. You are my inspiration
and I am glad that I was introduced into the Stamping and Paper Crafting World.

Oct 15, 2007

Just thought you Paper Crafting lovers should know that.....

Paper prisms having an Outrageously Awesome Contest!

click on the link below and enter:


you can enter once daily... so your chances are even greater....

enjoy will be back later with more information on some cool stuff...

Oct 13, 2007

Enter the Great Pink Casio Camera from 5 minutes for Mom!

I would post the pic of the Camera but my techy skills are a little to be desired,
follow the link and you will be in the same place you need to be!