Jul 29, 2007

Spazz Girl has her CHA Giveaway

You must simply go over there and see all the neat stuff she
is regifting from her journey through the Stamping and Scrapping
event she went to. Just click right on over to her blog and comment
You feel like you've won just by looking around on her blog....


Thanks for sharing Spazzgirl....

Jul 28, 2007

My Answers to the TAG by Kimberly

Ok well lets see here.

7 things no one knows about me:

1. Geesh this is hard.... Ummm I love love love being a student all over again. I am at the top of my class and I just may switch from my Associates in Criminal Justice to my Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Applied Science. Who would have thunk it.. me working my way to have a career working with CADAVERS.

2. My first pregnancy came as a surprise to me when I was 17 years old and as fate would
have it, I miscarried them and they were Twins. Which would have made me the first one
in the family to ever have twins.

3. I won Rookie of the year my Junior year in high school in our Chorus group. First student
ever to come into Barringer High in there junior year and make Rookie of the Year. Yep
music is my passion and first love, now its STAMPING.

4. I got into stamping because of a co-worker who know has me looking like an addict. I cant
get enough of this.

5. I cannot for the life of me remember what my natural hair color is, lol. I have been dying my
hair since I was about 15 and I know its a brown just don't know if its dark or light. I have
changed it so many times, I just stick to a red head now...lol....

6. Ever since I was 7 years old, I have always had a dog to accompany me in my life, and when
I was told that I had to get rid of my Daschund Charlie, when I moved to the apartment
I am in now, I went into a state of depression and against the landlords wishes.... my DH
surprised me with a baby chihuahua/daschund and she was just 4 weeks when we got her.
Her name is lulu and she is the sweetest thing.

7. ok here is the last one.. boy this sure was a brain boggler....lol... ummmm some may think
that I am off my rocker, but, I sure would love to have just one more little baby. I got a
tubal ligation done 8 years ago when I had Jason, simply because I knew that I really did
not want to have another child with his father ( i know it sounds awful but its honest), so
i took care of that with the procedure, Now that I have found a great man who is the best
husband a woman can ask for and a great and awesome step father, I would love to have
his child. Operation you say? Oh no could not fathom the thought of going through that and
not being able to carry. So I live with that in my heart and I am content. I have 3
wonderful children who are a big handful for me right now.....

8. one more thing..... I am terribly in awe of how my first born Amanda has turned into the
most beautiful young lady who will be celebrating her 15th birthday with a big big party..
Hispanics love to throw there baby girls a Quinceanera, Sweet 15. The coming out party
of a little girl going into her Young Adulthood. I love you Amanda, always know that, even
if you dont think Mom is looking out for you.....

Ok all ,,, enough mushy stuff...lol.. there are my 7 oh, 8 things that you didnt know about me.... now..... We are going to tag some others. I will post them up here after going through some pages here...

thank you so much for reading.....

Jul 25, 2007

Who live in Pineapple? Who is your Friendly Neighborhood Spider?

Sponge Bob Square Pants and Spider Man!

My two boys Jason and Carlos did this all on there own. Terrific huh?!?!?!?

I got them the paper from A C Moore's and they designed the card while I supervised..
The water bubbles on Spongebog has glaze and the SpiderWeb and the entire Spiderman
figure has the glaze as well... They had soo much fun and were soo excited...
They said" Mom so are you going to post them up on the internet"
You all just know what my answer was......
Enjoy them and let them know what you think.!!!!

Flowery Notes and Girly thing......

These two items came from the very center of my Bella heart

The first one is another little notepad from the dollar store and just used SU cardstock, glitter glue, Prisma pencils and a whole lotta fun!

The second one Emabella was a cute thought that came from Boulicalt, I cased her little RAK that she sent to me with some CB Folders TY. just changed up the color a bit and added the ribbons, and again made with lots of love...... the Sentiment "Its a Girl Thing" came from the Michael's dollar bin.

i just had myself a grand ole time at Michael's only in the dollar bins.........crazy huh.....

Well hope you enjoy those 2 and on the next post you will see what my boy's did.......

Jul 22, 2007


Well these past few weeks have been stressing for me and I found

the time to make a little something last night....

I have here the Javabellas, sitting around in a little cafe
showing off there bling bling..... inside is a little notebook I
got from the Dollar store. I think its just a cute idea, I used the
cuttlebug folder that has the writiting over it ...
(dont know the name of this one.) and some
Black Polka dot Ribbon again that I got from the Dollar Store,
Yo Yo yellow CS from SU, brads and used the round
paper puncher to make the corners. Swavorski Crystal
diamonds on the Javabellas belt and the one on her Necklace.
Over all I think it turned out ok. Hope you all enjoy... off to make
another little notebook holder and to create a beauty of a tin CD holder....

Jul 15, 2007

Cuttle Bug folders

I wanted to thank Joan Fleisher of Lanoka, NJ ( I live here and never heard of this town) and Roz Wolfe from Palm Bay, Florida for sending the Cuttle Bug folders in all those yummy colors and designs. I could not contain my self when I got them. My kids looked at me like I was crazy because I was just coming out of my skin with joy.

Attached you will see the card I created for my husbands birthday this past Friday. He loved the Card and even took a Thumb Tack and placed it on the door to Display it. He places any card or drawings that he gets from myself or the kids on our door. I just wanted to share the card with you ladies.

Please look out for more CB Folder cards and invites in the next few days. I was feeling kinda down in the dumps because of medical reasons and doing these cards and getting the folders has perked me right up again.


Time for Showers, Baby Shower that is!!

Well in my never ending search for making cards and getting ideas to try to get my business going I have just recently made an Invitation for
my Fav. Niece Annie who is 5 months into her pregnancy and has asked her Titi (auntie) to design and make her invites.

Well this is one of the first one's I have designed.
Took me about an 1.5 hours to make, between getting
the right design in mind and figuring
out all the little kinks and what nots.
The card is done. I went to bed last night or shall I say this
morning at 2:30 a.m. because once I started I could not put it down.
If she picks this one I will adjust a few things on it
like the flower brads will be turned into the Baby bottle brads
and the eyelets will be in the lilac color.
Oh Did I mention that she having a Baby Girl!
We are all soooo happy and excited!!

Jul 8, 2007

I love TinkerBell!!!

I just love Tinker soo much, that I had to make a cute card, I went to
A.C. Moore's and was able to find just one CB Embossing Folder with the Swirls.
Sooooo I just had to get it, so here is the first card that I made with the folder. I went down another isle and since they had there papers at 40% off,
I had to grab some different papers.
Just had toooo.
So there She is and here I go. I have been
away for some time, but I find the
time to make a card here and there!
My studies are driving me nuts, but my
Forensic Science classes are Awesome!!!!
Let me know what you think! I did not follow any kind of sketch,
just came to me and Voila!!!
***All Paper is SU and the Scalloped Circles that a few Bella Ladies sent me (TY)***
Enjoy and thanks for stopping by my little Corner in Jersey!!!!

Jul 1, 2007

National AIDS Testing Day!!!!

I made this card to honor the day of National Testing of HIV/AIDS.
I will be making a few others in the next coming days, so that I can host a
Fundraiser for this. This disease has taken so many lives and it has hit close
to home and I just wanted to feel like I can do something.
Please tell me what you think about my card.
Please go out there and get tested because you REALLY NEVER KNOW until you do.
So lets all be in the KNOW and get tested! Your family and friends
will love you for doing and you will have Peace of Mind!