Mar 27, 2008

Todays Daily Blog Pick

Well since I have been away for a few days and have not chose some blogs, I have chosen one now and the other 2 I will post later.
For today's pick I chose the ever so cool
She is a very girly chic, She has a gorgeous New Home out in the
country, her designs are to DYE for, lol....
Julie take a bow, I so do envy you cause you have great ideas
a great home and a great everything, lol.. I faithfully read your postings everyday
Thank you for all you show us.

Todays the Day!

Well last week's appt for my daughter got cancelled because the doctor had to leave because her lil girl got really sick. So the appt was switched to today,
so we will be asking all sorts of questions regarding her boob and if there is any
relation to this "NEW to me" IBF Cancer. I am hoping and praying that her situation
is just that of having one bigger than the other, because then we can live with that,
for it to be anything else, whewwwww that will definitely put a damper on things.
But I have to be strong and think positive because
we dont want to jump the gun on anything.
Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes, I will post about the visit to the doctors
later on in the day.
Lastel if your reading this, please check your email I responded. Sorry I took so long..

Mar 23, 2008

Happy Easter to all my readers!!!

Lets remember to keep HIM in our Hearts and in our Prayers,
for he is the Reason that we are all here!!!!!!!
May your children enjoy there baskets full of Goodies,
and your family be kept safe!
Have a great Easter all!

Mar 19, 2008

Calling all Ladies, Do you know what IBC is

It is Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and I have never in my whole life heard of this,
well I for one am worried for my daughter as I am writing this
my eyes are swelling up because my lil girl was scared to tell me
that she felt awkward about one of her breast, and not to put this out
there but it concerned us as well as THANK God the day has come
for her to meet with a specialist tomorrow and I will definitely raise this
comment to him so we can rule everything out....
Please watch this video
Please dont let this pass you by if its the only thing you read.
God Bless

I know you cant wait to hear who the next Featured Artist is..........

hahahaha, I know you are going to flip out when you find out who
is my next Featured ArtiST. I cAnnot reveal the identity yet
because I aM waiting to get the Questions back from
our Artist, but I can tell you this she is great, she is a sassy sistah,
she is really making a killing with her stamPs
and I just lovey her designs.
Go on and leave a comment on who you think
could be my Featured Artist for April 2008.
We just might be offerING some Blog candy too, I cant wait to
hEar from my artist, so I can give aLL the juicy detAils!!!!
(**hint--hint**) some letters have been capitalized, lol

Oh yea My Daily Blog pick for Today

Almost forgot, but glad I didn't
ok so in doing a quick search around the blogosphere, and on my
new found blog buddies page Spanishbella, I found
Arquitectura en Papel a.k.a. Architecture on Paper, lol cute
right I thought so too.....she is also having
a little blog candy going on, so head on over and tell
her Stampin-Mami sent ya over there...
She has really cutey stuff there........

A few things to tell ya today!!!!

Spanishbella, I got your package yesterday, Wonderfull RAK, thank you chica, it was cool of you to send those famous Doll Pins
lol, I'll be posting a bunch of pics later on today
with the ribbon spooled inside my jars,
also I got RAK'd thank you Kathy Page from Bellaholics
that card was too cute, and I think those were the
Baubles right, they came off the card and i think some 2 got lost
but i fixed the ones that were in the envelope already
Thank you Chica,
Also I got my Naked Bella Swaps back as well,
the cards look wonderful, like I said I will be
posting pics of all this a little later, I am goin to try
and get a good picture because its Raining her in Jersey today
and the house is totally dark, lol....
Question, Do you like the rain? I love when the days are rainy,
gloomy, and bland, it feels like there is
a calm and the world just slows down around you...
How about you? Leave me a comment and tell me, take a
minute to reflect on how a rainy day makes you feel!!!!
Cant wait to read your comments......

Mar 18, 2008

clip it tutorial on a new version.... i may have posted this before

but I wanted to post again because this way i will not lose it since I am planning on doing this...... hope you gals enjoy...

To Katestamps 716

Thank you dear for trying to place me on blast,
but I have not forgotten you,
I lost all emails and addresses when my computer crashed and
i also lost dominiques address because I had communicated with her,
but your $50 will be forwarded to you once you send me your snail mail
because in your search of my blog you would have found that I had a
crane hit my van and I cannot drive to you. So please send your snail mail address to lafresca4109 at yahoo dot com.
in the future any comments you wish to direct to me you can do so by leaving
me an email at the above stated address. I hope there are no hard feelings,
I wish you much success and my apologies for taking so long to get this to you, life gets in the way and I apologize sincerely.
thank you and you have a wonderful day!

Mar 17, 2008

Featured Daily Blog

Great new blog that I found,
check this out......Divine Domesticity
and also her other blog
She has some great looking yummo recipes, take a quick peek

Mar 14, 2008

Check back later to see if your the Winner of.......

The Ultimate Blog Party
I'll be choosing the winner sometime tonight, so check back
often to see if you were the winner of my
Card Set, and Ill get them out to you in about a week or so.....
So, come back later ok ........
See ya later....

Ok so how Much is your Blog worth....

Take a look over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
towards the bottom of the page you will see,
this website you can link to, and find out exactly how much yours is worth, I havent checked it in such a long time and I just
did and right now its worth a little over $11,000. My jaw dropped
wide opened.... lol ... i am like in shock...
in little than a few months it sky rocketed
about $5000 more... wow.......
See how much yours is worth, right now!

Makeovers are soo much fun

Im loving my new makeover thanks to Shauna over at See My Designs did this great job on my blog, I am soo loving it, Head on over to her blog and see her stuff. She is awesome.....
Gracias Shauna, I am sooo loving this ...... thank you thank you thank you ......

Ladies, I need some help here

Do any of you ladies have any pictures on your blogs or on any forums for Book marks...? I have 2 packs of bookmarks that are just laughing at me cause I have not inked them up yet.

Let me hear from you ladies out there with bookmarks, I want to get inspired, so I can create some great ones as well........

thanks all for reading

Mar 11, 2008

Hoppy Sightingss.........

ok here is my creation of the day
I used Melanie's "Just so Hoppy" set,
I saw the chick and thought back to when my mom
took us to Puerto Rico one Easter, and I was sooo excited

to see that the little chicks were different colors,

they had pinks, purple, blues and of course yellow.
So I colored my little chickee pink and I added some pink stickles
to the Chickee and now she looks like the little peeps with sugar coating and all...........

There you have it , hope you all enjoy it.....


I just found out the hard that I might just need this freaking Scor Pal, lol.....

I was messing around with my paper cutter that doubles as a scoring tool as well, you the know first paper cutter you get when your starting out in this enabling world of card

well i am definitely going to be looking into this because I am loving some of those cards out there with the scoring and what not... but I have to reload up on my funds.... going to have to get myself a little parttime job somewhere just so i can enable my

maybe ill look for a job at ac moores or michaels or soemthign.... right...

My Daily Blog Pick....

I thought to myself and said Self, Since your jumping around all time through different blogs and as my friend Melanie says, Blurf = blog surf.. lol tooo cute,
Figured I would chose a different blog everyday to I would visit and add it on here so you all can go and check out the blog too...
Maybe you have visited it before or it will be your first time, but this is a neat way to get to know other blogs around the world too... sooo to initiate this Daily Blurfing today's site will be
{{{{{drum roll}}}}}
Take a look at her blog she has some cute postings of her creations....
make sure you leave her a comment stating you were there, byee...

My Blog Party continues.... waaaaahooooooo

Well one of the things I forgot to post on my blog about the party was that I had to pick which things I would like to win should I win............
Well my choices are as follows.....

#71 Blog makeover from Daily Grind
#67 another makeover lol, See My Designs
#53 Skin goodies, Skin Care Girl
#24 yet another blog makeover, sounds like i really need one , lol... Sweet and Simple
#59 $25 cash from A Cowboys Wife, you rock...
#45 you guessed it another makeover, tee hee, Summersnook

there you have it, that would be my list go on over and visit these sites they are awesome....

Mar 10, 2008

I been tagged.........

OK, I've been tagged!
The rules of the game
Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
• Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, we all want to know them.
• Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
• Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
1. I like to dip my McDonald's French Fries in to the Vanilla shake, lol.. yummo
2. I hoard designer paper and find myself not wanting to use it and I absolutely have to
3. I want to be able to do an Autopsy someday or at least work as an assistant to
a medical examiner....gross,, not really...
4. My husband says I have a lead foot, I just think they drive too slow....
5. I love to sing and no not in the shower......
6. I have eaten Marlin Kabobs, yes the fish Marlin
7. I have tried, Turtle meat too..... yes the big ocean turtles,,,
sorry but I didnt know it at the time.....
ok so there you have it......
Next people to tag: let me see....
4. Deb
So now I am off to let these ladies know that I have tagged them.
thanks Wendy...

Mar 8, 2008


Stop by for a little bit, surf around, read what I have to say and see the cards and things I have made....Do remember to leave a comment so that I can pick a winner for the prize that I will be handing out..... but you have to go to the 5 minutes for mom if you want in on the fun too.... so if your a blogger, go on over get the banner and start meeting new people.........

But like I said,, leave your comment here and also dont forget to link back to me and leave me your email addy so i can choose the winner...Winner of what you ask......

Well Since I stamp, I will give away a boxed set of 8 handmade handstamped cards,
so get going jump around on the other site too........

Thanks for coming to my party!!!!!!

Hair ye Hair ye, Read all about it........Awesome candy being given away

Melanie thanks for adding this on your blog, there is a good cause going on here at Wendys blog,
The Blog candy is awesome but the Cause is much more rewarding.
So please stop on over and donate what you can and enter
for a chance to win to some great blog candy.
I unfortunately cannot donate at this time, but I have made it my
business to do so in 2 weeks, I can however spread
the word here on my blog to my readers, so please do go on over
and if your in the same situation that I am in
just post something on your blog and Spread the Word.....

Mar 7, 2008

wood doll pins,

now i got the correct name for them. i have found several sites that will offer them at bulk, if i dont find any around in the dollar stores, i am going to end up buying these online.... its like 28 bucks for 360 of them ... do you think this is a bargain....?


Wow Spanishbella thank you for doing that for me. I would be soo appreciative... let me know if you do find them and i'll definitely reimburse you... gracias chica

Oh Where oh where can they be!?!?

Well I have been searching all over my town for clothespins. I checked Dollar Tree which was referenced in the tutorial for Ribbon Storage that I found on Nichole Heady's blog. I have been to Walmart, HomeDepot and Lowes, I even went to our local supermarker store Path Mark to see if I can locate these clothespins. Its not the one with the wire its the old Fashioned looking ones.

Oh Where oh were can these clothespins be, oh where oh where can they be? Does anyone know of maybe somewhere on line. Lol, I mean geeeesh, are they that obselete know there are many housewives out there that like to hang there clothes out on the line and they may or may not use these. I am a Paper Crafter on a mission....I will leave no store unturned, lol...

If there is anyone out there in the New Jersey area that reads my blog and your in the Middlesex County area, please give this gal a clue......

Mar 6, 2008

OMG......Say it isnt So... one of my fav. actors

I just read some news on the internet, that the super sexy hunky, great dancer, actor.
Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with one of the most deadliest Cancer. It is said that he has Pancreatic Cancer.
OMG, my prayers are also with you Patrick, you must know that you are one of my fav... actors, I have watched almost all your movies, and your just yummy. Good luck to you in these troubling times.

Melanie and her Tote Bag, also a little bit about today....

This is such an awesome tote, I am going to try this tomorrow, because I am so drained today.
I tell ya Melanie has some energy, she really is like WonderWoman. Sometimes I feel the same way she explains on her post, run here, run there, do this, take that, who in the heck has time to clean, we are so busy stamping, designing, oh yea and we must not forget Taxiing the kids here and there and Gosh Golly Gee, we cannot forget the DH's cause they will have a hissy fit if we dont give them there 5 minutes ......
Well enough blabber, Im gonna "Blurfff" a bit before going into my room, I tell you today was a very trying day. Well since I am on the subject..... I might as well let you all know , why I am soo drained.....
My day started at 6:30 a.m., in the back of my mind I know I have lots to do but my daughter took priority today, because the last viewing and Burial for Rodney was today. So by 9 a.m. we )my daughter, son and I) we already at the funeral home. I have to go say that the community really really showed there compassion and support today.
The high school here in town is home to about 1500 kids....Well you could really see that today because just about the entire school was at the Funeral home. If I am not mistaken, they had to close the school because all of its students were saying their last goodbyes to this kid who unfortunately lost his life in a tragic accident. (Story is a few posts down)
There were soo many people at this funeral home that the police had to close off about 3 streets. Mind you the majority of people there were the students, Rodney's friends and also many church goers from his church. Although I did not personally know him, I felt very proud of him because not one person had anything bad to say about him. The sad thing was that his life was cut so short and the worst part is that he had just turned 17, 17 days before his life ended. Isnt that something.
I do not know if many of you believe in this sort of thing, but us Hispanics who are really into our religion, feel that we somehow feel when our life will end. Its just something that is felt, as the stories begin to unfold, the same day he passed, he was told that he had gotten a baseball scholarship to a college that he was looking into, then it was said that he had a conversation with his parents, that he had a long conversation with God and that he felt a sense of peace come over him. Well that night, while at a church function, they asked if he could run an errand and return to church so that they can continue with whatever they were doing. Rodney realized that he did not have his wallet, so he asked his friend to please accompany him and drive his car to run the errand because he didnt have his license with him. His friend has been in and out of conscienciousness and still does not know that Rodney his with his Holiness.
So off they went and just a few blocks away from there church, there car spun out of control, because it was said that yes they were going just a bit faster than what they should have, being that it was just beginning to snow as well, the car spun out and headed into oncoming traffic causing the fatal crash. He was very loved and I could not believe my eyes, of how many people were touched by this youngster. He was a Bible Study teacher for younger children in his church, loved to make people smile, and always made sure that the needs of others came before his.
He was very handsome and even in death you could see his smile. That has to mean something. It is also said that he felt a really strong connection with God because on the night before, he changed all the images and sayings on his Myspace page to reflect images of God and his mood saying was "I thank God everyday for letting me take that risk". How profound is that ........I sit hear and my tears come down my face because I witnessed first hand, the love of a community, the parental heartbreak and I just thank God that my children are here with me, safe. The site was one to be seen at the Cemetary, All the students walked behind the hearse from the Funeral home, it looked like a big parade going by, the people were coming out of there houses standing in front of there porches just looking in amazement at all the people walking the last mile with him. They were singing his favorite hymns and carrying dozens of flowers. My daughter was very taken back by all this, as this is the very first time aside from when we lost my dad, that she has felt the pain of death.
It was a very trying day, seeing his parents being carried because they just collapsed. Watching the girlfriend go through the pain of seeing what would have been her fiancee, buried. Its a very sad day here in Perth Amboy. I thank God everyday for letting me have my children with me.
I am sorry readers, that this is a somber post but, I needed to get this off my chest, because I know that I would just die if something were to happen to my children, especially knowing that my children have meant so much to others. That would be devastating. I will keep Rodney and the Martinez Family in my prayers. They should also be honored to know that everyone loved and cared for him.

"R. I. P. Rodney"

Mar 5, 2008

Guys check this Forum out.....

Stamp n scrap ideas Forum, its a neat site to go to and look around... she even has a contest going on where she is going to be giving away a SU Set.......

when you leave a comment tell them that
Maria Vega over at Stampin-Mami Creations sent ya...
well off to take a quiz and do some presentations in computer class.
have a good day ladies and gents.....

Melanie and Blog Candy......

So Melanie over there has some blog candy going on..

did she say Stamp Set...Oh yea and not just any stamp set...
its a New Stamp Set that has not been released yet......

Go on over to her blog and comment and lurk about.....
tell her maria sent ya over there....
and that Purse Tutorial is worth waiting for
it looks sooo cute..... I cant wait to see it...........

Mar 4, 2008

March 2008 Featured Artist.......Whoo Hoo Wiiii Hoooo

Melanie Muenchinger

Hand, Head and Heart

Designer for Gina K

{{{Drum Roll Please}}}

This months Interview was a delight and joy and ohh too funny!

grab a cuppa something and sit back and enjoy!!!!

Here We go:

1. How did you get into Stamping, designing, paper craft world? If you could remember what was your first card like? What company did you start out with?
I went to an SU! workshop five years ago, love at first ink, and became a demo as soon as I could. My first card was made with the retired Botanicals and a poppin' pastel technique. It was just o-kay! I was so hooked, though,I really spent a lot of time on it and found I had a knack for it. I was chosen for the Dirty Dozen about a year later, and designed for the team for 8 months. When I had my second child, I cut way back on stamping, but kept doing the occasional workshop. I was mainly a hobby demo for the five years I was with SU!(only earning enough to support my very large habit!)until recently when I stopped demoing when I got the opportunity to design my own stamps for Gina K Designs. I released my first set "Just So Hippy" in January and the second "Just So Hoppy", a coordinating set in Febraury. my next release is March 10th.

2. If your able to state what this is then by all means dish, lol, What is your next stamping set?
I could tell you but I'd have to kill you! Seriously though, I think it's okay for me to say: it is nothing like my previous sets! But I'm SO excited about it, and I'm going to be very optimistic and say it could be "revolutionary!", if I dare use that term! There's nothing like it out there that I know of. Soon (the 10th!) all will be revealed! I can't wait to share all the details of the inspiration behind it and everything you can DO with these stamps on my blog! And I'm hoping this release could satisfy my goal in question #3 LOL! ;)

Check this post for a chance to win a set! Melanie Muenchinger

3. What is your favorite Stamping technique?
I guess masking, simply because you can put any images together this way, whether it be to link two unrelated images or just to layer things like flowers, I just think it's such a cool, easy technique!

4. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?
On a vacation with my husband, to some place exotic we've never been. We haven't had an overnight together away from the kids even once since they were born(coming up on almost 6 years now!) Having said that, I don't think I need to explain why we need to go!

5. What motivates you?
I'd love to put an image I designed in the hand of every stamper on the face of this earth! Not for the money(although it's nice!) but to think I had a hand in creating something that allows everyone out there who is passionate about stamping have even more fun with their craft! :)

6. Besides papercrafting what other hobbies are you into?
I love reading and filmgoing, but don't have much time to anymore. I joined an all women's gym this past year, and it was one of the best things I ever did! I've never been a"work out"person but I love all the different classes and try something new every day! My favorites are kickboxing, Nia, and Zumba(Brazilian cardio and salsa!) They allow me to kick butt, "get my groove on", learn something new, and feel like a strong woman all at the same time! (as well as have some "me time" to clear my mind (okay, think about my next stamps!) and stay healthy)

7. If not to personal and if I am too nosy please say so, what nationality are you ?

8. What is your favorite drink? Martini’s, Blue Hawaiians, cognacs?
I'm afraid that after too much partying in college, I now avoid mixed drinks completely! But I love red wine.(although even small amounts give me scorching headaches)

9. You state on your blog that you have 2 boys, What is one thing that your boys have said to you that caught you off guard and made you do a double take? Lol
Oh my, only one thing? Give me a minute, the things that are coming to mind immediately will take everyone else off guard too!(and really embarrass my sons when they are older!) I guess without getting too graphic, when my very precocious 4 year old during his bath one night pressed me for several specifics on exactly what certain body parts are called/for/DO! Without sharing all the details it's not quite as funny of a story, but let's just say my answers (for what I thought would be appropriate for his age!) really confused him I think! I'm just not ready for these kinds of conversations, next time I think I'll stick with, "Ask your father!" (Sorry, that was probably still pretty graphic, but I'm hoping moms reading can relate!)
A sweet story, though, (that shocked me for different reasons) happened one night when I put him in his crib. Every night I would sing "Jesus Loves Me" to him before I went out of the room(which I also did every night sitting in my glider while I was pregnant with him) This night I thought he was already sleeping when I put him down, so I turned to go without singing. And before I got to the door, I turned around to hear my son sing the whole song to himself! I'd never heard him sing before, let alone that he knew every word. He was only 17 months old. I'll never forget it. It's still his favortie song to this day, and now, we always sing it to each other. :)

10. How did you meet your Mr. Wonderful and how did he propose, and how long did it take for you to say Yes?
We met at a party my roommate and I threw for Christmas 12 years ago(a year after I graduated college) My roommate was an architect and had worked with someone who worked with Paul, who was also an architect. Her friend (a guy, just ot be clear, I didn't steal him from someone's date!)talked him into coming to the party, and we hit it off right away, making plans to see each other again on New Year's Eve. (We actually went for walk around the block and shared our first kiss(blush!), which, unbelievably, is just a few blocks from where we now live!) We've been together ever since. About a year and half later, we toured Europe for two weeks, my first time to go there(he'd lived and gone to school in Italy for a year in college, though)and got engaged in Heidelberg, the quaintest little town in Germany. You know, I don't even think he proposed, he just pulled out a ring and I immediately said YES!

11. Who is your favorite actor/actress and what is your favorite movie of all time?
Moulin Rouge-I love musicals anyway, and the sets ,colors, music and Baz Luhrman's boundless imagination (and Ewan McGregor!)are simply dazzling here, just apiece of cinematic perfection IMHO.But I have faves in other genres, too like The Princess Bride, Finding Nemo etc. Actor and actress, hmmm. I'm not sure I have a fvorite now. I admire anyone who can be very funny and also tackle really different, interesting roles. I've always loved Johnny Depp, but my husband doesn't quite beleive me when I insist it's because he's really an amazing actor LOL! Favorite actress, I don't know. I think Rachel McAdams and Amy Admas are brilliant and up and coming superstars. (For a long time, it was Julia Roberts, people always used to tell me I looked like her, back when I had long hair) Susan Sarandon is just a strong, sassy, beautiful lady.

12. How did you meet Gina K.?
I just up and emailed her one day with a little pitch about myself and asked if she might want to take a peek at a hippo I drew! (She did) The rest is history. Amazing, huh?

There you have it ladies, as you can see we all can relate on different levels , we are women who do it all. Girl Power is the greatest gift of all. lol.... Thank you Melanie for doing this, I had a blast asking and reading your answers. Readers do not forget to check out her blog if you havent do so already.

to any of my spanish readers,,,

Please take note that I do not mean disrespect to our Hispanic Culture by having music on my page. I know this is important in our culture because we feel a sense of respect to the dead, but our culture also states that there soul is in a much happier place.
SO Please know that I mean no disrespect.
God bless your families at this time of sorrow.
Que Dios Los Bendiga........

My Deepest Sympathies to local Families

This past Friday, our community suffered a loss in a tragic accident that has left one student in intensive care and the passenger in this accident dead.
My daughter came home yesterday with a sad look on her face, so I proceed to ask.
She says mom the State Testing that was scheduled this week has been
cancelled and there were several grieve counselors at the school.
My daughter goes to the local High School here in town and I had no knowledge of what
was going on because I have not bought the newspaper in quite some time.
So she Precedes to tell me that Rodney Martinez, 17 was killed in an accident
that occured this past Friday and the driver of the car is still in
Intensive Care.
Martinez will be missed by many students here in Perth Amboy, it seems he was
very bright and enthusiastic about Math especially Algebra, he was in the
Algebras Honors Class with a GPA of 4.23. The details of the accident are
unclear but it seems that he lost control of the vehicle and slammed in to a truck in oncomin
traffic. It could be that the snow that was falling that night played
part in this terrible incident.
His friend David Caceres has expressed interest in creating a Scholarship Fund
in Rodney Martinez's name. I applaud his actions and this is a very good idea, to honor
a youngster who was just beginning his life and was on a Road to Education Success.
I am asking those who read my post to please keep these families in your prayers
and if anyone would like to help add funds to this great Scholarship that
will be funded, to contact the
Perth Amboy High School, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
Also I have one request, I would like to give these families
Sympathy Cards , Encouragement Cards to let them know we are thinking of them.
My daughter would love to see that I as her mother have taken an interest
in this as well, being that my daughter mentioned that Rodney was
a very loved student and although she did not have the closeness with him, she
did mention that he would always say Hi to her in the hallways and he was very kind.
So Rodney Martinez, please know that in your short life here on this Earth,
you were loved by many students, teachers and the community.
Thank you for being kind and generous with your smile and just by simply
saying Hello to my daughter. You made her Freshman year experience
more bearable by just saying hello everyday. Thank you and May God Bless you and
May God Bless your family in this time of greiving.
To Martin Lopez and your family, my prayers are also with you and I hope
and pray that you make it out of Intensive Care and that you will be granted a
chance to live and fulfill your dreams.
If anyone is interested in sending cards please contact me via email
at and I will send my address to you and I will make sure
that your cards are delivered to the families as a show of support in these troubled times for them ahead. It may not be much but it shows that we care and they are in our hearts.
If you care to read an article of the incident you can find it here.....Student's Memory to live on

Mar 3, 2008

If you would like to display this banner on your blog or website
please let me know and I'll send you the link for it.
Thanks all for reading... .gotta go and see this class with Oprah!

Oprah's New Earth Live Event

Im going to be taking the new class hosted by Author Eckart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey on the new book titled NEW EARTH, although I have not gotten the book yet, which
its one of my errands tomorrow, but I felt compelled to
see what everyone is talking about. I have seen many people around in
my town reading this.
Go on over to and sign up

ok so here is the last chance.......

Deb I will get that box out to you tomorrow, Lastel, yours too, finally,
All images are stamped, envelopes are addressed and will be going out tomorrow too,


Remember the $10 Walmart Gift Card, that I had to give away, well I dont recall anyone contacting me back once the winner was chosen so here again I will offer this, but not before I give a challenge.

Since we are in the month of March, and it goes in conjunction with St. Patty's Day, I want you to create a card for St. Patrick Day using this sketch.

The sketch leaves little to be desired but I tried, lol.....

So get going, You will have until March 17th, to submit your cards,

Leave a comment on here with a link to your card so I can check them out

and chose the winner.

They got a Hobo Bag!

5 minutes for mom has a Sak Hobo Bag Giveaway going on, so go on over and leave your comment, then place the giveaway on your blog too, you still have plenty of time to make it.....
have fun and most of all cross your fingers.

Did you Say Blog Party?!?!?!?

Yes I did!
will be hosting the biggest
Blog Party in 2008, so if you want to get your blog
noticed, then this little party is right up your alley.
Go on over and get the banner and post your blog up there so you can
be seen noticed and heard. lol
thanks girls for hosting this, this will be my first ever blog party,
Come back sometime during this week, I'll be having some
BLOG PARTY CANDY to give out.
Go and get that cool banner over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.