May 31, 2007

Teachers are Wonderful!

I am making these cards for my boy's teachers. My boys are in
Special Services in our school district her in Perth Amboy.
My son Carlos (13) has Speech Apraxia and
developmentally delayed when it comes to retaining information.
My son Jason (8) has ADHD, vertigo and we just found out that he
has a nerve damage to his left ear.
There teachers are the most wonderful teachers that any district could have.
Teachers are our second mothers to our children.
I thought it would be nice to send them off to
the summer recess with a nice card, to show them my appreciation
for working with children who have special needs.

Check them out and let me know what you think.
There are only two so far, there are 4 more coming.


Anonymous said...

Great cards! Love the piercing! I'm sure thay will love them!

Vicki said...

Such cute creations! Love the added touches!!

paperartschicago said...

These are adorable and so perfect for the ending of school. Great job and thanks for sharing.

grace :)

Christa said...

Great cards and the teacher will love them!!