Aug 12, 2007


I know some of you may not enjoy the music that is playing on my page, but think
of it as if you were going to Puerto Rico, Cancun or even
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This is what you hear when
your out there having fun in the sun, the waves are crashing and your just relaxing having yourself a ice cold beer or a Sour Apple Martini! I love my
caribbean music because not only is it part of my heritage but its my culture, its in my blood and because nmy DH and DS are both musicians. DH has been
playing this music for over 15 years and my DS who is 13 has suddenly peaked his interest in this as well, as for me well I love the Singing aspect of it because
I was born and raised in a Puerto Rican Family who would play music at any family function and for Christmas what American call Caroling we Boricuas call is Aginaldos, Spanish Caroling. We would take all of our families along with the instruments to neighbors
and other families homes at whatever time of night (USUALLY STARTING at 10Pm) lol... and stand in front of the house, playing the music and singing until the Light would
come on and the doors would open, then thats when the party BEGAN. I enjoy singing in my husbands band and have been singing since the Womb, lol...
So with that said, I hope you surf my page and enjoy the music that is playing,
I will change it up a bit as time progresses but for now this is my mood and I
hope you all like what you hear. Who knows you may even be inspired to go out
there and take some SALSA CLASSES, now thats FUN!
Take care


Sheila Rogers said...

I love your music!

althea.parker said...

Are you kidding me? I LOVE this music! (Althoug I don't even speak Spanish!LOL!)