Aug 27, 2007

My new Missy B Designs card and another Notebook!

So I gave in to buying some Missy B Designs and I finally got them in last week. Well I must say that I love these as well. The card I made was cased from Stamping Roxy's blog page. She was doing a tutorial on her technique on tying bows. She made a really beautiful "Z" card fold and thats what I used. My bow left little to be desired so I omitted it from this card. I will use my technique of bow tying and add it the other cards I will be making.

This card had the Halloween Ladies from Missy B,
along with the spiders and bats. I think it was truly a
very unique card. Thanks Roxy for the card style.
The notebook was just another thing I had in mind to do for a long time now and just got around to doing it this weekend.
It was a bit time consuming as it was bigger than the first one but none the less I managed to finish it.
Not too much embellishment but I still have to add some other little things to it.. When they are completed I will post that pic as well..

Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by my page...


atouchof_sol said...

Very CUTE. Halloween is one my favorite holidays. As for the music...LOVE IT...I am also from PR. Actually just got back from 2 weeks in Quebradillas. SUERTE!

Flossie's Follies said...

What a great card, I love these stamps, I also do a card with these pumpkins that is on my site