Sep 21, 2007

Friday's Inspiration Challenge!

Ok so I was looking through Maria Bell's Blog and I saw that she had this challenge!
So Maria since you were the inspiration for this, I would like to post this challenge that I got from you little corner of the World, I hope that you do not mind.

(does that not remind you of JOHN Travolta in the movie MICHAEL), :)
FRIDAY's Inspiration Challenge!
Here are the rules with a twist, Maria!

  • 1. Make a card of any design or theme. It has to be a Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas card.
  • 2. Create a tag that matches the card.
  • 3. The tag has to have the same elements as the card. No new elements can be added to the tag that the card don't have. You don't have to use all the elements of the card but you just can't add any additional elements to the tag. Got it? !
  • For example, you must use the same colors, papers, materials, ribbons, whatever that the card has.
  • You can't add additional embellishments, color combo, techniques, etc. to the tag. The point is the tag has to match the card.
  • 4. The only added element that can be used on the tag that the card does not have are the words (TO: and From:).
  • 5. Card and tag can be of any size or shape.
  • 6. Card and tag don't need to be rubber stamped. You may paper craft, draw, add embellishments, paper piece whatever you want to do is acceptable.

****OK check this out! While I was in my world this morning, I totally forgot to look out for my sons Bus to school, and Yes he missed it! So with that said, I had to rush and change clothes cause I was still in my jammies, run to take him so that he could be on time! GEESH! We moms get into the stamping gig and lose all track of time huh!****

Ok Back to the Challenge! I will give this Challenge until Friday of Next week which is the 28th I do Believe. Send your photos to this email address: The best one will receive a small prize. I still have yet to figure out what it is! But it will be cute and small.

So ladies get to it, I will be doing mine as well and will post it up later on tonight!


Maria said...

Oooh cool! I loved this challenge. It motivated me to make coordinating tags for my Christmas cards! I'll work on this challenge!!


Catherine said...

This sounds fun! Maybe I can try this later today :)

jodene said...

Thanks for the challenge. Sent you an e-mail.