Sep 20, 2007

Ok so here are the things from the Generous Freecycler!

Isnt that the most wonderful things you could ever see! I am always getting emails from the group that I belong to in my county and when I saw the email that Stated
Offer: Stamps and Stamping supplies, I jumped on it and asked the lady to please let me know if the items were available and if I could have them, as you can see this was the response!
The stamp in the middle says:
"We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors
we are borrowing it from our children"
Ponder on that for a bit and let me know your thoughts on that stamp!
So please go take a look at the site and check to see if there is a group in your area
you have no idea what you can find there.
I have gotten complete bedroom sets for my children for FREE!
Your offer something first and so on and so forth, its like a
Pay it forward type thing! and for those mom's who
are a single parent this website is a God sent, because
sometimes you get great stuff , brand name stuff, for FREE
so with that said. I am off to work and I am back at noon
to be able to play with all my new GEAR!!!!!
Take care Ladies and Happy Stamping, PaperCrafting!
Can you tell im Psyched!

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