Nov 1, 2007

ok so i said i would post the winner!!!!

my apologies.... this Sweet 15 is driving me nuts..... I will pick a winner by this Sunday so that leaves a few more days for anyone that wants to enter..... please tell you friends to stop by and see the Because I Said So Candy!
Evertime I look around there is something else i forgot to get or do ... and I will be the first one at the party to hit the bar, lol......
I will be posting a few pictures of the party on Sunday..... also ... I will be posting (hopefully today) the following things that my mom and I did for the party!
  • The Invitation
  • Table Centerpieces (they are beautifully done by my mommy)
  • The Party Favors ( those were easy ) lol
  • The Quince Doll with the Ribbons..(thats a pain to pin but had to get done)
  • oh and the never Seen before Butterfly Pillow and Purse..... ( Thanks Mom)
  • oh yea and the balloons that my sister ordered for her party,, those were totally awesome they have butterflies all over them,,,

At this point whatever has not gotten done will probably not get done and does it matter anyway... i mean really alot of people are not even going to look at the small details, they are will join us in all our craziness and it all boils down to Good Grub, Good Music and Definitely Good Drinks.... but alcoholic beverages are good either way so long as they give you a small buzz, Please any family members that happen to read my blog, please please Drink responsibly, I will not be available to bail you out if your and I mean that with all

So with that said..... thanks for stopping by my Blog today and be on the look out for the Because I said so Blog Candy winner on Sunday and for all the shtufff i mentioned above....:)

Have A Great blessed Day!

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