Nov 11, 2007

Stampin-Mami's November's Featured Artist.........Gina K....(applause!!!)

Every month I will hopefully be bringing you
Stampin-Mami's Featured Artist...
This month's featured artist is none other than Gina K.........(read and enjoy)
**by all means leave your comments I would love to read what you think!!!!**

Q and A with Gina K
SM: What got you into stamping or the paper crafting world?
GK: * A friend of mine invited me to a Stampin' Up party. The rest is history. LOL!
SM: How did you come to the conclusion of designing your own stamps?
GK: **Many times I just couldn't find the right stamp so I would draw a little picture instead and then color it in. My family and friends said that I should make my own stamps. I didn't believe them but then, more and more people started to tell me that so I thought I'd take a chance.**
SM: What was your first ever stamp?
GK: ***If you could remember, lol. The first one I bought was the stamp set Nice and East notes by Stampin' Up. The first stamp I drew was The Three Amibos.***
SM: How long did it take you to notice that stamping was your true passion?
GK: ****About 3 minutes. Actually, once I tried it, I spent the next 6 months going to every stamping store and big box craft store that I could find.****

SM: How many Gina K elves do you currently have working for and with you?
GK: *****My friend Judy, when she has time. My husband when he has time and my two little girls when they want money.*****
SM: If you could take a trip to anywhere in the world where would
it be and with whom?
GK: ******I would go to Italy with my husband and my two daughters. I'm actually a little afraid to go because I don't think I would ever come back. (I'm Italian, yes.)******

SM: Do you ever regret going full force into the Stamping world?
GK: *******Never. I love what I do. I sleep fast so I can get back to it.*******

SM: What was the best stamping time you ever had?
GK: ********I hosted a stamping event at a Bible camp a couple of years ago and that was great. It was so great to have both my creative side and spiritual side fed in one retreat.********
SM: Where would you consider opening up another store? (in what state?)
GK: *********Not right now. I am pretty happy with just one and I love having my online store. My hope is that my two daughters will work with me as they get a little older. That would be the ultimate!*********

There it is folks.....I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed asking!

GINA.........I wanted to thank you Gina for honoring me with this Q and A,
I can truly say that this was a privilege of all privileges, not many people
get to talk to the one person that they admire. Since I have come onto the
Stamping World Frenzy I look forward to getting your newsletters
and daily blogs everyday.

I hope that other Stamping Companies will be as gracious as you when I ask
them to do a small feature on my blog.
You are the Stamping Queen at least on my Blog.
Although my kids do not know how truly important it was for me
that you did this, they are all very excited and happy that Mom got
an interview with Gina K.

My next goal will be to finally meet you one day in the not too distant future,
Maybe my next trip will be to your little corner of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so very much.



MonicaB said...

VERY NICE Interview Maria! And to Pick GinaK to interview 1st of all! It was awsome!!!Your questions were perfect and I am sure Many of us always wondered these things about her!! I cant wait to see who else you get to bring to your Blog! WTG girl!

mcbetty said...

So glad to read this interview and learn more about Gina.

Am looking forward to "meeting" more stamp company owners here. Thanks for doing the interviews.

Anonymous said...

Great Interview Maria....and who better than GinaK to kick this off. I have never met Gina, but have talked to her on the phone....I am so very impressed with her. I wish her all the best, and super sucess with her business. She is geniune, that's for sure!!
Thanks for your interest in the interviews, I'm sure it will be fun to check back on your blog to read about the future artists that you feature.

Carolyn King said...

Awesome interview Maria!
I am a big Gina K fan. She is not only a talented stamper and artist, she is a fantastic person. Great article!

Lee said...

What a fun interview!! I love Gina K's stamps and it was so nice to get to know her a little bit more!! I can so relate to the: So many little time!! But then.......who needs sleep??? ;)

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Thanks for that interview. It's great to read about someone who is so admired by so many. Gina's answers to your questions only reinforce the idea I have of her being a super, regular, down-to-earth type of gal. Thanks to Maria and Gina.

Diana said...

Love this idea!!! Your interview was great and Gina is awesome!!

Thanks for this!

Can not wait to read about the next featured stamp artist!


"Jany" said...

Thanks for such a great interview! I just had one little problem... Don't know who she is. Well, I know what I read in the interview but it would be nice to have a link to go to.