Jan 22, 2008

{ P.H.A.T. Stamps }

P.H.A.T. Stamps
will be arriving soon!
What is P.H.A.T. Stamps you ask.....?!?!?!
It is nothing more and nothing less that stamps
geared towards us ladies that are
Pretty Hot and Thick!!!! thus the name P.H.A.T.
I do hope that you will continue to come back to
see the progress that my designer and I are
making with these stamps...
The character will be sexy and most of all she will
image a plus sized woman.... but over all she will be very
pretty and I think its high time that we
get some stamps going geared for us
Plus sized Stampers..... lol
I thank you for reading my blog, I know some of you have unsubscribed
maybe because of lack of posting, but its very hectic here
and I apologize... health wise I have not been good
and papercrafting has taken a back seat for abit
but I am getting back on the horse and Ihope that many of you will
come back and check us out.....
With that said....
Thanks to those of you still believe in me
I know you have your choice of blogs to read and
I thank you for reading mine!!!!
Have yourself a P.H.A.T. Day!!!!!!!


MzPenny said...

I cant wait to see the new stamps!!!!!
I hope your health improves hun there is nothing worse than feelin like poo. Hopefully it is nothing too serious and if it is I pray that you overcome it!
Big Hugz from Texas!

Cec said...

I hope in your stamp, for sure!
I can't wait too!!!

Melanie said...

they sound really cool, great idea(you know I like it being "hippy"!!) and huge wishes for success!