Apr 4, 2008

This is what you have been waiting for................

This is what you have been waiting for.......
April's Featured Artist
is none other than our very own
Cutey Patootey
Emily.....Stamping Bella

I am sooooo happy to bring this Exclusive Interview to you....

I know you cannot wait for it either soo with out further a do, Here is

Em The Stamping Bella

1. Why the name Stamping Bellas?

>>hmmm good question. Well the company started out as “Emmyz” because everyone called me “emmy” or Em but it wasn’t so catchy and a little “narcissistic” LOL.. so then when my first bella was created I looked at her and said.. OMG SHE IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BELLA (beautiful in Italian and no I am not Italian..LOL)! Then the search for a website name came and was found and the rest is history!

2. What other designer or company would you like to work with?
I work with many artists and suppliers.. I have 5 artists I work quite closely with and have created very tight relationships with them. There is no one in particular I strive to meet or work with.. people enter my life on a daily basis and I believe for a reason. I have met many many wonderful “sistahs” on this journey and I plan to meet many more J. With artists or companies I work with, we just for some reason find eachother. It is soo wonderful.
3. Which Bella was your very first creation?
My Bridalpartybellas.. they were my FIRST FIRST FIRST creation and they will forever mean the world to me.

4. Did you ever think that your idea would sky rocket the way that it has?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. I had no confidence, I felt like I had no place in the stamping world..,
I just wanted to bring my hobby to the next level and share the artwork with the people
around me. My most important idea in this adventure was the SISTAHOOD..
THAT sistahood and me being so deeply involved and “out there” was my intention..
more than sales.. to say that I have “met “ people from all over the world
who share my passion?? How CRAZY is that? To have been able to create a
venue where other people meet and become true friends?
Could you beat that??? So even if the business
fails, I will ALWAYS be thankful for this experience.. FOREVAH!

5. If you could say, what are some other plans that your thinking of coming out with?

Now WHYYYYY would I do that? *winks*… All I can say is that I have a PHENOM line of embellishments coming.. something NOT to be believed.. trust me. (ever hear me say that before?)
6. When is your Birthday?
June 25th 1972. I now expect a birthday card from EACH and EVERY one of you J
7. If you could pick a fruit to eat right now at this minute, what would that be and why?
Chocolate covered STRAWBERRY. That’s a fruit no?

8. What is your favorite food recipe and would you mind sharing that with me and our readers?
Hmmmmm… I honestly love everything.. I don’t really have a favorite recipe…
9. What is your all time favorite Elvis song, if there is one? Lol….
Hmmmm you know the one that starts the show “LAS VEGAS?”.. a little bit something.. (oh am I ignorant)..LOL. Is that even ELVIS?? OMG
10. Ok I ask all my featured artist this question and some of us may know but there are many who don’t like me, What is your favorite drink? Cosmos (lol), Tini’s wines?
I honestly don’t drink… I have other vices..LOL. If I HAD to choose, it would be red wine.
11. You had a little snafu with a little button that sent out lots of $$$$$ as Gift Certificates, you mentioned that you would honor your mistake, could you roughly state how much that set you back?
I didn’t do the final “tally” but it had a potential loss of approximately $ 70,000 but all is ok J
12. I know a lot of the ladies in the group did not want to take you up on the offer for fear that it would hurt you financially, What would you like to tell the ladies who decided not to take the G.C.?
I thank them from the BOTTOM of my heart and appreciate their thoughts and actions ,you have no idea. BUT by the same token, I cannot “blame” anyone who used it as I did honor it

And there you have it, Isn't she like the most coolest person, I had
lots of fun doing this and most of all I got to share it with you. Thank you for reading, Em thank you for the interview and I do hope to work with
you in the near future...... Thank you again and Readers I do hope enjoy...
See ya later.....


SherryBee said...

How cool was that!
Thanks for doing that and for sharing it!

Scr@p and More said...

amiguita tus creaciones donde estan , entro para ver que has hecho y no veo nada, me encanta las tarjetas que haces con las muñecas!!

Christi said...

Very cool interview! TFS! :)