Apr 4, 2008

Whewwwwww There is alot going on around here today!

Hey there its been crazy around here this week with the start of
the new quarter at college, the kids returning to school from spring break,
Pageants, Rehearsals, you name it, it was done this week. Not to mention all the cooking and cleaning, etc. etc....
Well lets see we have a lot of interesting things to post today.....
I wanted to say thank you to the Stamp Crazy Group
I was Queen of the Group last week.
Incase your wondering what that is, the girls in the group decided
that all the girls in the group would be Queen for the Week, so names are picked
every week for that respective week and the name chosen gets to be
the "Queen". The other ladies from the group get to send out images to the one picked. So I was chosen last week and I had no idea, lol.
I received a TAC catalog and some images from Danni, Bere sent me a stack of Bellas, I think there is one of each bella in there, lol . Gracias Chica,
Im sorry but there were a few others that sent me some images, but
I am not at home right now, so I cant look at the envies to give them there due
credit. I also got lots of buttons,I cannot wait to get some cards done,
But please for any of you that sent me images,
Well ladies I loved my images that I got and I thank you from the
bottom of my heart. I am very grateful . ok so on to the next post.

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