Jun 10, 2007

Happy National Puerto Rican Day!

I want to wish those of you who may be in here that are Puerto Ricans a warm Hello and
"Que Viva Puerto Rico".

Our Heritage is a unique one of Love, Music, Great food and the Art of Salsa Dancing. I am honored to be from such a great Culture and Everyone should go there at least once,
its the most beautiful Island and like Ricky Martin said this morning,

"There are 4 million Boricuas on the Island and everyone says its MI ISLA."

After all the hoopla is over today with the Parade and I go to our Newly Named Puerto Rico Plaza, here in Perth Amboy, NJ , I will come home to a little table that is waiting for me to create my "Que Viva Puerto Rico Card" today.

Thank you all for sharing this wonderful day for Boricuas.

If there are any boricuas that love to stamp say ....." WWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPAAAA"

Oh yes before I forget, I made a cute card last night after coming from the festival where the Princess of the Salsa La India performed. I think it was very cute.

I also added Swarvoski Cyrstals to the ribbon.

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