Jul 25, 2007

Who live in Pineapple? Who is your Friendly Neighborhood Spider?

Sponge Bob Square Pants and Spider Man!

My two boys Jason and Carlos did this all on there own. Terrific huh?!?!?!?

I got them the paper from A C Moore's and they designed the card while I supervised..
The water bubbles on Spongebog has glaze and the SpiderWeb and the entire Spiderman
figure has the glaze as well... They had soo much fun and were soo excited...
They said" Mom so are you going to post them up on the internet"
You all just know what my answer was......
Enjoy them and let them know what you think.!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great job! I just might have to case these. TFS

Anonymous said...

Jason and Carlos, super AWESOME job. High five from me! I hope we get to see more of your work in the future.

Anonymous said...

Me again,
I just wanted to tell you that I tagged you and if you want to play along, check out my blog.

Ami said...

Oh my gosh totally cute :) Your boys did an awesome job especially with the glazing!