Jul 1, 2007

National AIDS Testing Day!!!!

I made this card to honor the day of National Testing of HIV/AIDS.
I will be making a few others in the next coming days, so that I can host a
Fundraiser for this. This disease has taken so many lives and it has hit close
to home and I just wanted to feel like I can do something.
Please tell me what you think about my card.
Please go out there and get tested because you REALLY NEVER KNOW until you do.
So lets all be in the KNOW and get tested! Your family and friends
will love you for doing and you will have Peace of Mind!


Vicki said...

This is just beautiful! Love it!!

Sonya R said...

Such an awful disease and such a beautiful thing you are doing.
The card is beautiful too.

Jami Speidel said...

This card is gorgeous! The colors are stunning!!!