Jul 28, 2007

My Answers to the TAG by Kimberly

Ok well lets see here.

7 things no one knows about me:

1. Geesh this is hard.... Ummm I love love love being a student all over again. I am at the top of my class and I just may switch from my Associates in Criminal Justice to my Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Applied Science. Who would have thunk it.. me working my way to have a career working with CADAVERS.

2. My first pregnancy came as a surprise to me when I was 17 years old and as fate would
have it, I miscarried them and they were Twins. Which would have made me the first one
in the family to ever have twins.

3. I won Rookie of the year my Junior year in high school in our Chorus group. First student
ever to come into Barringer High in there junior year and make Rookie of the Year. Yep
music is my passion and first love, now its STAMPING.

4. I got into stamping because of a co-worker who know has me looking like an addict. I cant
get enough of this.

5. I cannot for the life of me remember what my natural hair color is, lol. I have been dying my
hair since I was about 15 and I know its a brown just don't know if its dark or light. I have
changed it so many times, I just stick to a red head now...lol....

6. Ever since I was 7 years old, I have always had a dog to accompany me in my life, and when
I was told that I had to get rid of my Daschund Charlie, when I moved to the apartment
I am in now, I went into a state of depression and against the landlords wishes.... my DH
surprised me with a baby chihuahua/daschund and she was just 4 weeks when we got her.
Her name is lulu and she is the sweetest thing.

7. ok here is the last one.. boy this sure was a brain boggler....lol... ummmm some may think
that I am off my rocker, but, I sure would love to have just one more little baby. I got a
tubal ligation done 8 years ago when I had Jason, simply because I knew that I really did
not want to have another child with his father ( i know it sounds awful but its honest), so
i took care of that with the procedure, Now that I have found a great man who is the best
husband a woman can ask for and a great and awesome step father, I would love to have
his child. Operation you say? Oh no could not fathom the thought of going through that and
not being able to carry. So I live with that in my heart and I am content. I have 3
wonderful children who are a big handful for me right now.....

8. one more thing..... I am terribly in awe of how my first born Amanda has turned into the
most beautiful young lady who will be celebrating her 15th birthday with a big big party..
Hispanics love to throw there baby girls a Quinceanera, Sweet 15. The coming out party
of a little girl going into her Young Adulthood. I love you Amanda, always know that, even
if you dont think Mom is looking out for you.....

Ok all ,,, enough mushy stuff...lol.. there are my 7 oh, 8 things that you didnt know about me.... now..... We are going to tag some others. I will post them up here after going through some pages here...

thank you so much for reading.....

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Anonymous said...

Love the new look, and enjoyed reading your facts. Now I know you a little bit better. Oh yeah I love the pictures of your kids and DH that you added. It's nice to put faces to names.