Oct 21, 2007

WOW WOW WOW .. Im nearing

my 3000 hits already..... isnt that just wonderful.....
As soon as I reach 3001 I will send out a small candy
for helping reach 3001, why 3001 and not 3000?!!!?!
Well because "I said So",
you know how us moms love the I Said So phrase
when it comes to the kids right.....
Well leave me your best "Because I said so" comment
and the winner will be chosen and mentioned by
October 31, 2007 and that will be the winner of
"3001 hits BECAUSE I SAID SO!"
I am just laughing up a storm over here... I cannot wait to see
what you ladies come up with.......!


Cathy said...

Great blog and congrats on 3,001 not 3,000. You go girl. I think doing it at 3,001 is AWESOME. Why do it like everyone else....right? This just shows you how creative you are and of course cuz I said so! Thanks so much for a chance.

CAKVD said...

I think that I should get the blog candy because I said so! Ok, that sounds rude. I haven't done the I said so thing with my 2 year old yet....but I know it's only a matter of time!
Cheryl KVD

Linda said...

I think we should stamp every day instead of cleaning house, because I said so. Have a feeling my husband will not agree with that.
Linda Peterson

Momsnack said...

Took my gdaughter & her husband and the ggkids to dinner - when the bill came I grabbed it - gson-in-law says he'll buy, and I responded - no, because I said so - gd said - you don't argue with Gma.
congrats on the hits!
NancyS (momsnack)

MzPenny said...

CONGRATS HUN!!!! My fav Because I said so for the kids is....Stop fighting so much because I said so, and if you dont, look out!!! lol

Elaine said...

3001!! Clever and fun to do it that way!!! :) Congratualtions and keep up the great work!!
-Elaine :)

Anonymous said...

My best 'because I said so' is telling my toddler, that she needs to eat all of her dinner because I said so, upon which she told me it wasn't dinner! Because I'd made 'Breakfast for Dinner' (eggs, bacon and pancakes), I had to laugh and let her have her way! It was just WAAAy too cute that she took me literally at such a young age!

Congratulations on your 3001! I was reading your blog last night and was really enjoying everything! Keep it up! :-) Yvonne

Reality Show Reject said...

I've never had to use that reasoning...my dog doesn't listen too well! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lindsay said...

Oh, I'm sure I say "because I said so" all day nowadays because my toddler is just beginning to ask questions constantly...LOL. Kids are fun!
Congrats on 3001. :)

kar said...

Great site! Cause I said so! Oh that felt gooooood I have not used that in a long while. Congrats on 3001!

Kimberlee said...

I think my husband should be in charge of cleaning the bathrooms... because I said so... wouldn't that be nice :)

Kimberlee said...

oh yea... Kimberlee.doktor@gmail.com

jodene said...

I think my kids should give me all their toostie rolls on Halloween..because I said so! Thanks for the chance and congrats to you!!

Laura said...

New rule:
Husbands and kids should take turns cooking dinner. Why? Because I am MOM and I SAID SO!

Jan Scholl said...

I can never remember saying that ever!

I had the "stare" and the wooden spoon (which I still use to cook with and my youngest is now 30)