Oct 20, 2007

So I got home on Thursday and found this happy Mail

I joined in on the PIF (Pay it Forward) fun on the SCS site. and STAMPINSTEL sent me these goodies....
  • Color paper
  • Pair of Earrings (made by Stampinstel her self)
  • Flowers
  • oval scallops
  • and some really cute Snap Ease Fasteners from Rob and Bob studio of Provo Craft
  • oh yea and some Petite Metal Signage

The fasteners were the most cutest thing ever....you just pop the snap ease embellishment thru the project your doing and snap it securely in place.... tooo cutey patoootey....

If your reading this Lastel, thank you again for your cute gifts and I hope you enjoy your package, please let me know when it arrives....!


Yvonne said...

That is so nice! You lucky duck! Where do I go to sign up to join this PIF on SCS? It sounds like a fun idea!

Yvonne said...

oh I forgot to say..I have PIF'd several of the mommies in my daughters playgroup. I've dropped off a few meals when they were sick, or a month after they gave birth (after family and friends go home, and the help dries up!). I've also randomly left gift certificates for manicures, balloons, cards and flowers at some on some of their doors. Some of them still don't know it was me, and have talked about it at playdates. It makes me feel so great that I've brightened up someones day! I usually tell them "Maybe it was a random act of kindness and you should do it to someone else sometime...".

MzPenny said...

What an awesome surprise!!!!!
Lets see....PIF....I have done this on many occasions. For every 5 RAKS I get in the mail I send out 10. I know how happy it can make someone to recieve a little sumpin when they arn't expecting it!!!

jodene said...

Thanks so much for a little trinket. I also play PIF at SCS. I think I've done it about 5 times. It's really fun!