Oct 20, 2007

Ok here is a little PIF of my own!!!!

The first 3 people to comment on the previous post of the "PIF" will get a small goodie something from me. So come on leave your comments and get a little goodie, you must tell me what if anything you have Paid Forward to someone else.
I hope to hear from yall soon!
****also send me your snail mail to mvega914@yahoo.com and place
YOUR BLOG PIF on subject line. ******
Just so you know, your goody something will go out towards the end of next week as that is when I will be able to do so!!!!


Shannon Roberts said...

Hey Maria!! Woo Hoo! What great stuff you got; she really spoiled U!! I have sent several Bella Images to people just because! I luv to get Happy Mail & I figured I couldbrighten many NEWBIES day by sending them some to get started!


Anonymous said...

Did you accept a French PIF?