Oct 19, 2007

Just wanted to let you know!

Ok so I haven't been posting as much I would love to, believe me if I could spend the day doing cards and paper crafting all day, I would, but life is not that easy right now...
I see all the other SAHM and WAHM's blog sites and I wish I could do the same,
but in time I will be one of those mom's Trust me. I am working on that.
So I have gotten the "ITCH" to design my own line of Rubber Stamps, although it wont be as elaborate as those like Gina K, or Cats Pajamas, Stamping bella,
but slowly but surely I will have my own little company going..
So with that said, please be keep an eye out for my blog because I will be looking for some Designers to help me with making my stamp images..I have some local people
already that have made some really cool things, and I as well have drawn out some things, and GINA K and EmmyBella, MY HAT IS OFF TO YOU ladies and all those
others that I cannot remember right now, this is not easy but it is oh sooo much fun. So
if you have any advice for me please I am all ears. You are my inspiration
and I am glad that I was introduced into the Stamping and Paper Crafting World.

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jodene said...

Congrats to you. I wish you sucess on your stamps!