Mar 4, 2008

March 2008 Featured Artist.......Whoo Hoo Wiiii Hoooo

Melanie Muenchinger

Hand, Head and Heart

Designer for Gina K

{{{Drum Roll Please}}}

This months Interview was a delight and joy and ohh too funny!

grab a cuppa something and sit back and enjoy!!!!

Here We go:

1. How did you get into Stamping, designing, paper craft world? If you could remember what was your first card like? What company did you start out with?
I went to an SU! workshop five years ago, love at first ink, and became a demo as soon as I could. My first card was made with the retired Botanicals and a poppin' pastel technique. It was just o-kay! I was so hooked, though,I really spent a lot of time on it and found I had a knack for it. I was chosen for the Dirty Dozen about a year later, and designed for the team for 8 months. When I had my second child, I cut way back on stamping, but kept doing the occasional workshop. I was mainly a hobby demo for the five years I was with SU!(only earning enough to support my very large habit!)until recently when I stopped demoing when I got the opportunity to design my own stamps for Gina K Designs. I released my first set "Just So Hippy" in January and the second "Just So Hoppy", a coordinating set in Febraury. my next release is March 10th.

2. If your able to state what this is then by all means dish, lol, What is your next stamping set?
I could tell you but I'd have to kill you! Seriously though, I think it's okay for me to say: it is nothing like my previous sets! But I'm SO excited about it, and I'm going to be very optimistic and say it could be "revolutionary!", if I dare use that term! There's nothing like it out there that I know of. Soon (the 10th!) all will be revealed! I can't wait to share all the details of the inspiration behind it and everything you can DO with these stamps on my blog! And I'm hoping this release could satisfy my goal in question #3 LOL! ;)

Check this post for a chance to win a set! Melanie Muenchinger

3. What is your favorite Stamping technique?
I guess masking, simply because you can put any images together this way, whether it be to link two unrelated images or just to layer things like flowers, I just think it's such a cool, easy technique!

4. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?
On a vacation with my husband, to some place exotic we've never been. We haven't had an overnight together away from the kids even once since they were born(coming up on almost 6 years now!) Having said that, I don't think I need to explain why we need to go!

5. What motivates you?
I'd love to put an image I designed in the hand of every stamper on the face of this earth! Not for the money(although it's nice!) but to think I had a hand in creating something that allows everyone out there who is passionate about stamping have even more fun with their craft! :)

6. Besides papercrafting what other hobbies are you into?
I love reading and filmgoing, but don't have much time to anymore. I joined an all women's gym this past year, and it was one of the best things I ever did! I've never been a"work out"person but I love all the different classes and try something new every day! My favorites are kickboxing, Nia, and Zumba(Brazilian cardio and salsa!) They allow me to kick butt, "get my groove on", learn something new, and feel like a strong woman all at the same time! (as well as have some "me time" to clear my mind (okay, think about my next stamps!) and stay healthy)

7. If not to personal and if I am too nosy please say so, what nationality are you ?

8. What is your favorite drink? Martini’s, Blue Hawaiians, cognacs?
I'm afraid that after too much partying in college, I now avoid mixed drinks completely! But I love red wine.(although even small amounts give me scorching headaches)

9. You state on your blog that you have 2 boys, What is one thing that your boys have said to you that caught you off guard and made you do a double take? Lol
Oh my, only one thing? Give me a minute, the things that are coming to mind immediately will take everyone else off guard too!(and really embarrass my sons when they are older!) I guess without getting too graphic, when my very precocious 4 year old during his bath one night pressed me for several specifics on exactly what certain body parts are called/for/DO! Without sharing all the details it's not quite as funny of a story, but let's just say my answers (for what I thought would be appropriate for his age!) really confused him I think! I'm just not ready for these kinds of conversations, next time I think I'll stick with, "Ask your father!" (Sorry, that was probably still pretty graphic, but I'm hoping moms reading can relate!)
A sweet story, though, (that shocked me for different reasons) happened one night when I put him in his crib. Every night I would sing "Jesus Loves Me" to him before I went out of the room(which I also did every night sitting in my glider while I was pregnant with him) This night I thought he was already sleeping when I put him down, so I turned to go without singing. And before I got to the door, I turned around to hear my son sing the whole song to himself! I'd never heard him sing before, let alone that he knew every word. He was only 17 months old. I'll never forget it. It's still his favortie song to this day, and now, we always sing it to each other. :)

10. How did you meet your Mr. Wonderful and how did he propose, and how long did it take for you to say Yes?
We met at a party my roommate and I threw for Christmas 12 years ago(a year after I graduated college) My roommate was an architect and had worked with someone who worked with Paul, who was also an architect. Her friend (a guy, just ot be clear, I didn't steal him from someone's date!)talked him into coming to the party, and we hit it off right away, making plans to see each other again on New Year's Eve. (We actually went for walk around the block and shared our first kiss(blush!), which, unbelievably, is just a few blocks from where we now live!) We've been together ever since. About a year and half later, we toured Europe for two weeks, my first time to go there(he'd lived and gone to school in Italy for a year in college, though)and got engaged in Heidelberg, the quaintest little town in Germany. You know, I don't even think he proposed, he just pulled out a ring and I immediately said YES!

11. Who is your favorite actor/actress and what is your favorite movie of all time?
Moulin Rouge-I love musicals anyway, and the sets ,colors, music and Baz Luhrman's boundless imagination (and Ewan McGregor!)are simply dazzling here, just apiece of cinematic perfection IMHO.But I have faves in other genres, too like The Princess Bride, Finding Nemo etc. Actor and actress, hmmm. I'm not sure I have a fvorite now. I admire anyone who can be very funny and also tackle really different, interesting roles. I've always loved Johnny Depp, but my husband doesn't quite beleive me when I insist it's because he's really an amazing actor LOL! Favorite actress, I don't know. I think Rachel McAdams and Amy Admas are brilliant and up and coming superstars. (For a long time, it was Julia Roberts, people always used to tell me I looked like her, back when I had long hair) Susan Sarandon is just a strong, sassy, beautiful lady.

12. How did you meet Gina K.?
I just up and emailed her one day with a little pitch about myself and asked if she might want to take a peek at a hippo I drew! (She did) The rest is history. Amazing, huh?

There you have it ladies, as you can see we all can relate on different levels , we are women who do it all. Girl Power is the greatest gift of all. lol.... Thank you Melanie for doing this, I had a blast asking and reading your answers. Readers do not forget to check out her blog if you havent do so already.


Melanie said...

Thank, Maria, it was an absolute pleasure! (I just linked the interview!) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

This was really fun! I have loved getting to know Melanie over the web and I think she is super! I'm axiously awaiting her next stamp set.

~ jess k

Lee said...

What a fun interview Melanie!! Very sweet and very real!! And yes, many of us moms with little boys can totally relate to your stories!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

What a great interview! I can totally relate to Melanie's boy stories. I have two boys myself, and they can really come up with some doozies!