Mar 6, 2008

Melanie and her Tote Bag, also a little bit about today....

This is such an awesome tote, I am going to try this tomorrow, because I am so drained today.
I tell ya Melanie has some energy, she really is like WonderWoman. Sometimes I feel the same way she explains on her post, run here, run there, do this, take that, who in the heck has time to clean, we are so busy stamping, designing, oh yea and we must not forget Taxiing the kids here and there and Gosh Golly Gee, we cannot forget the DH's cause they will have a hissy fit if we dont give them there 5 minutes ......
Well enough blabber, Im gonna "Blurfff" a bit before going into my room, I tell you today was a very trying day. Well since I am on the subject..... I might as well let you all know , why I am soo drained.....
My day started at 6:30 a.m., in the back of my mind I know I have lots to do but my daughter took priority today, because the last viewing and Burial for Rodney was today. So by 9 a.m. we )my daughter, son and I) we already at the funeral home. I have to go say that the community really really showed there compassion and support today.
The high school here in town is home to about 1500 kids....Well you could really see that today because just about the entire school was at the Funeral home. If I am not mistaken, they had to close the school because all of its students were saying their last goodbyes to this kid who unfortunately lost his life in a tragic accident. (Story is a few posts down)
There were soo many people at this funeral home that the police had to close off about 3 streets. Mind you the majority of people there were the students, Rodney's friends and also many church goers from his church. Although I did not personally know him, I felt very proud of him because not one person had anything bad to say about him. The sad thing was that his life was cut so short and the worst part is that he had just turned 17, 17 days before his life ended. Isnt that something.
I do not know if many of you believe in this sort of thing, but us Hispanics who are really into our religion, feel that we somehow feel when our life will end. Its just something that is felt, as the stories begin to unfold, the same day he passed, he was told that he had gotten a baseball scholarship to a college that he was looking into, then it was said that he had a conversation with his parents, that he had a long conversation with God and that he felt a sense of peace come over him. Well that night, while at a church function, they asked if he could run an errand and return to church so that they can continue with whatever they were doing. Rodney realized that he did not have his wallet, so he asked his friend to please accompany him and drive his car to run the errand because he didnt have his license with him. His friend has been in and out of conscienciousness and still does not know that Rodney his with his Holiness.
So off they went and just a few blocks away from there church, there car spun out of control, because it was said that yes they were going just a bit faster than what they should have, being that it was just beginning to snow as well, the car spun out and headed into oncoming traffic causing the fatal crash. He was very loved and I could not believe my eyes, of how many people were touched by this youngster. He was a Bible Study teacher for younger children in his church, loved to make people smile, and always made sure that the needs of others came before his.
He was very handsome and even in death you could see his smile. That has to mean something. It is also said that he felt a really strong connection with God because on the night before, he changed all the images and sayings on his Myspace page to reflect images of God and his mood saying was "I thank God everyday for letting me take that risk". How profound is that ........I sit hear and my tears come down my face because I witnessed first hand, the love of a community, the parental heartbreak and I just thank God that my children are here with me, safe. The site was one to be seen at the Cemetary, All the students walked behind the hearse from the Funeral home, it looked like a big parade going by, the people were coming out of there houses standing in front of there porches just looking in amazement at all the people walking the last mile with him. They were singing his favorite hymns and carrying dozens of flowers. My daughter was very taken back by all this, as this is the very first time aside from when we lost my dad, that she has felt the pain of death.
It was a very trying day, seeing his parents being carried because they just collapsed. Watching the girlfriend go through the pain of seeing what would have been her fiancee, buried. Its a very sad day here in Perth Amboy. I thank God everyday for letting me have my children with me.
I am sorry readers, that this is a somber post but, I needed to get this off my chest, because I know that I would just die if something were to happen to my children, especially knowing that my children have meant so much to others. That would be devastating. I will keep Rodney and the Martinez Family in my prayers. They should also be honored to know that everyone loved and cared for him.

"R. I. P. Rodney"

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Melanie said...

oh dear, I had not heard that about Patrick Swayze! Unfortunately, I have known someoen with pancreatic cancer as well as an EMT who informed me there is really no recovery barring(miracles) from this disease How very sad! he is a really an amzing person, prayers to him and his family