Mar 27, 2008

Todays the Day!

Well last week's appt for my daughter got cancelled because the doctor had to leave because her lil girl got really sick. So the appt was switched to today,
so we will be asking all sorts of questions regarding her boob and if there is any
relation to this "NEW to me" IBF Cancer. I am hoping and praying that her situation
is just that of having one bigger than the other, because then we can live with that,
for it to be anything else, whewwwww that will definitely put a damper on things.
But I have to be strong and think positive because
we dont want to jump the gun on anything.
Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes, I will post about the visit to the doctors
later on in the day.
Lastel if your reading this, please check your email I responded. Sorry I took so long..

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Lastel said...

Did you get the email with my address ?