Mar 19, 2008

Calling all Ladies, Do you know what IBC is

It is Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and I have never in my whole life heard of this,
well I for one am worried for my daughter as I am writing this
my eyes are swelling up because my lil girl was scared to tell me
that she felt awkward about one of her breast, and not to put this out
there but it concerned us as well as THANK God the day has come
for her to meet with a specialist tomorrow and I will definitely raise this
comment to him so we can rule everything out....
Please watch this video
Please dont let this pass you by if its the only thing you read.
God Bless


Michelle said...

Thanks for the info will be checkin it out. Prayin for the best with your daughter's appt.


Just little ol'me said...

thank you for the info, i will definitely be checking myself more often. Hope everything goes well at your daughter's appt.

Melanie said...

Prayers, please update us with how the appt went!