Mar 19, 2008

A few things to tell ya today!!!!

Spanishbella, I got your package yesterday, Wonderfull RAK, thank you chica, it was cool of you to send those famous Doll Pins
lol, I'll be posting a bunch of pics later on today
with the ribbon spooled inside my jars,
also I got RAK'd thank you Kathy Page from Bellaholics
that card was too cute, and I think those were the
Baubles right, they came off the card and i think some 2 got lost
but i fixed the ones that were in the envelope already
Thank you Chica,
Also I got my Naked Bella Swaps back as well,
the cards look wonderful, like I said I will be
posting pics of all this a little later, I am goin to try
and get a good picture because its Raining her in Jersey today
and the house is totally dark, lol....
Question, Do you like the rain? I love when the days are rainy,
gloomy, and bland, it feels like there is
a calm and the world just slows down around you...
How about you? Leave me a comment and tell me, take a
minute to reflect on how a rainy day makes you feel!!!!
Cant wait to read your comments......

1 comment:

Spanishbella said...

Hey Chiquita, I'm glad they arrived safe and sound. You are going to have fun spooling your ribbon them. I am still not done. I have too many projects going on at the same time. Once I am done, I plan to take some photos.