Mar 4, 2008

My Deepest Sympathies to local Families

This past Friday, our community suffered a loss in a tragic accident that has left one student in intensive care and the passenger in this accident dead.
My daughter came home yesterday with a sad look on her face, so I proceed to ask.
She says mom the State Testing that was scheduled this week has been
cancelled and there were several grieve counselors at the school.
My daughter goes to the local High School here in town and I had no knowledge of what
was going on because I have not bought the newspaper in quite some time.
So she Precedes to tell me that Rodney Martinez, 17 was killed in an accident
that occured this past Friday and the driver of the car is still in
Intensive Care.
Martinez will be missed by many students here in Perth Amboy, it seems he was
very bright and enthusiastic about Math especially Algebra, he was in the
Algebras Honors Class with a GPA of 4.23. The details of the accident are
unclear but it seems that he lost control of the vehicle and slammed in to a truck in oncomin
traffic. It could be that the snow that was falling that night played
part in this terrible incident.
His friend David Caceres has expressed interest in creating a Scholarship Fund
in Rodney Martinez's name. I applaud his actions and this is a very good idea, to honor
a youngster who was just beginning his life and was on a Road to Education Success.
I am asking those who read my post to please keep these families in your prayers
and if anyone would like to help add funds to this great Scholarship that
will be funded, to contact the
Perth Amboy High School, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
Also I have one request, I would like to give these families
Sympathy Cards , Encouragement Cards to let them know we are thinking of them.
My daughter would love to see that I as her mother have taken an interest
in this as well, being that my daughter mentioned that Rodney was
a very loved student and although she did not have the closeness with him, she
did mention that he would always say Hi to her in the hallways and he was very kind.
So Rodney Martinez, please know that in your short life here on this Earth,
you were loved by many students, teachers and the community.
Thank you for being kind and generous with your smile and just by simply
saying Hello to my daughter. You made her Freshman year experience
more bearable by just saying hello everyday. Thank you and May God Bless you and
May God Bless your family in this time of greiving.
To Martin Lopez and your family, my prayers are also with you and I hope
and pray that you make it out of Intensive Care and that you will be granted a
chance to live and fulfill your dreams.
If anyone is interested in sending cards please contact me via email
at and I will send my address to you and I will make sure
that your cards are delivered to the families as a show of support in these troubled times for them ahead. It may not be much but it shows that we care and they are in our hearts.
If you care to read an article of the incident you can find it here.....Student's Memory to live on

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