Mar 19, 2008

I know you cant wait to hear who the next Featured Artist is..........

hahahaha, I know you are going to flip out when you find out who
is my next Featured ArtiST. I cAnnot reveal the identity yet
because I aM waiting to get the Questions back from
our Artist, but I can tell you this she is great, she is a sassy sistah,
she is really making a killing with her stamPs
and I just lovey her designs.
Go on and leave a comment on who you think
could be my Featured Artist for April 2008.
We just might be offerING some Blog candy too, I cant wait to
hEar from my artist, so I can give aLL the juicy detAils!!!!
(**hint--hint**) some letters have been capitalized, lol


Theresa said...

i know i know....stampingbella's very own awesome Em!!!!

Maxene Choi said...

oh, oh oh! I'm the first!?!? Is it the one and only *Stamping Bella*?????? -Maxene Choi

LeAnne said...

Ohh, it's gott be Em!! Exciting :)

LeAnne said...

Ohh, how exciting to feature the Queen herself...EM!!

Whoo Hooo

Kathy said...

Good clues - was I knew that it was easy to find out Em from Stamping Bella is going to be yur featured artist!! How cool.....

The Mosher's said...

It can't be the one and only Emily, the sistah's of all sistah's, stamping Bella, herself, could it?

Bonnie from CT

The Mosher's said...

It can't be the number 1 sistah of all sistah's can it. Emily, the queen stamping bellah, herself, could it?

Bonnie from CT

MrsDeadman said...'s EM??!!!??!! How exciting!