Mar 18, 2008

To Katestamps 716

Thank you dear for trying to place me on blast,
but I have not forgotten you,
I lost all emails and addresses when my computer crashed and
i also lost dominiques address because I had communicated with her,
but your $50 will be forwarded to you once you send me your snail mail
because in your search of my blog you would have found that I had a
crane hit my van and I cannot drive to you. So please send your snail mail address to lafresca4109 at yahoo dot com.
in the future any comments you wish to direct to me you can do so by leaving
me an email at the above stated address. I hope there are no hard feelings,
I wish you much success and my apologies for taking so long to get this to you, life gets in the way and I apologize sincerely.
thank you and you have a wonderful day!

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