Feb 4, 2008

February Featured Artist......Kitchen Sink Stamps.....

Let me start by saying that Maria Colosimo is one very sweet woman. She is humble and very cool... Back in December 2007 I asked her if she would be willing to let me Feature the Kitchen Sink Stamps on my blog. So she did and here you go......

A simple interview with Maria and Kitchen Sink Stamps........

1. What was your passion for designing your very own line of stamps?

There are a lot of stamp companies out today that I just love, but it seemed that more and more I was looking for images I could only find in my head. Plus, I would get so disappointed when I fell in love with a stamp, to find out later, I could not use it on items for sale.
So, I started making my own stamps that I needed for the the items that I was crafting for sale.

2. If you could work with any other stamp designer, who would that be and why?

There are so many talented and creative stamp designers today, it would be so hard to name just one! :D

3. Are you married, if so, how many years and how did you meet, Children? How many and names?

I will be married to my DH for 18 years this year. My husband and I met at college during our first year in the graphics art program. We have 2 boys, ages 9-1/2 (going on 35 - LOL) and 2-1/2... and they adore each other. Often, our household feels like you have each foot resting on a banana peel, ready to go in two different directions!

4. Your designs are truly very adorable, where do you get your inspirations from and how did you come up with the name Kitchen Sink Stamps?

My inspiration comes from everywhere (I know...you've heard that one before!). It comes from my family, my community, my past, and the places I've been...basically, the things I love.

5. What was your very first ever Card and what was the stamp set that you used?

Well, I cannot remember my first card... I have been stamping off and on, making "Thank You" cards since I was a girl. My oldest boy is now making his own "Thank You" cards...but he's not stamping yet. I do remember the first stamp I was given, which was from my Mom. It was a bear artist with a brush and artist palette in front of a blank canvas. It made a great book plate. :D

6. Did you get introduced to stamping via friends or family or was this something that you decided to try all on your own?

My mom introduced me to stamping with my first stamp. Then we would be out shopping and we would see a new stamp that was... "just too cute!" Yeah, my mom, the enabler...she got me hooked! LOL

7. How many years have you been paper crafting and stamping?

I have been making things since I was a girl. I would be given craft kits (like a Holly Hobby 3-D House shadow box...anyone remember those?) for my Birthday and for Christmas. I would finish them the same day I started! My parents said I was driven... I would now call it obsessed! :D My mom knew, it was better to harness my energy by keeping me busy! Later, choosing a profession as a graphic artist, still kept me busy in "paper crafting" by construction mock-ups for clients. When my graphic design career took the path of 100% done on the computer, I felt a great void and turned back to the crafting community. For me, there is nothing like the "feel" of paper, getting your fingers inky, and using your hands to create something that you can touch (not just on a computer screen)!

8. Where does the name Colosimo originate from, is that you’re married name or your maiden name? What nationality are you?
The last name of Colosimo originates from a small town in southern Italy, called Colosimi. This is where my husband's grandfather came from and how he got the last name. I am half-Italian and half-Slavic (Slavic on my mother's side). My husband is half-Italian and half-Heinz 57.

9. Ok we are all adults here, lol, what is your favorite drink and what does it remind you of?

Favorite drink... Diet cherry coke - hands down! Otherwise...there is nothing like an ice cold beer (Carona) or Lemon Drop. :D

10. What was the last vacation that you went on, who did you go with, how long was your stay and would you go back? What are your future plans for Kitchen Sink?

Last vacation...hmmm? 2 years ago last Christmas. Our family of 4, went to the mountains for a week with dear friends... to get away to the snow. Future plans for Kitchen Sink... well, so long as there are stampers having fun with Kitchen Sink Stamps...I'll keep on designing them! :D

There you have it ladies and (gents), I do hope that you have enjoyed this interview, I know I enjoyed working with her.

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maria @ kitchen sink said...

Hi Maria!
It was a pleasure working with you too! :D
Many thanks!!! Maria