Feb 15, 2008

ok here is the situation......

Remember that bloggy giveaway.....that alot of us bloggers
had on there site......
WEEEEELLLLLL, its been 12 days that I have been waiting for the winner
of the $10 Walmart Gift card to contact me and she hasn't, despite me sending her
several emails.
Her loss is some lucky readers gain.
The card will go to the one who comments on here, subscribes if they havent already,
blogroll my blog on there's ......on this question.
It wont be easy but nonetheless, who couldnt use 10 bucks at walmart....
ok the challenge, what is favorite favorite favorite all time movie?
if the posters answer matches my all time fav fav fav movie, thats the winner.
Hint...Hint.... on my blog i have one section that I posted a whole heap of movies
that I have seen, i may or may not have posted which one was the fav
but either way, I will post the winner this
Monday, Presidents Day and have it mailed out by Friday
providing that the winner emails me with the snail mail immediately...
so search away and post, i cant wait to see what your fav is !!!!


nettystamps said...

$10 at WalMart??? Heck yeah, count me in...I will guess Charlotte's Web...who doesn't have a kids movie that ends up on the fave list?! Thanks for the chance!

Lastel said...

Ok I'll bite , but how can ya guess someones favorite movie , I'll give it a try ! My guess is "The Wedding Singer"...lol , I liked that movie !

Diane Lapointe said...

I'd love to win that,$10. of scrapbooking stuff!!!! I'm going to
guess Nightmare on elm street,seems
like you like alot of horror movies.

Anonymous said...

Wow...$10 gift card at Wal-mart....count me in. I love the movie "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days"...watch it over and over and over again!! Thanks for the chance! :o)

Cindy Coffman