Feb 1, 2008

God Bless Baby Blue

I woke up this morning to open my emails and read a very disturbing post to a group that I am in. The post contained this link to a story that is currently going on in Galveston Texas,
please take a minute to go the links and read what has happened. What really gets me is that the post apparently has been posted by the mother of the baby. I seriously do not want to believe that a mother who has just lost there 3 month of baby, would find time to post something up, this is just me, especially to a stamping group. I hope that she doesnt have anything to do with this, I really hope that she doesnt. But her actions say differently...

Please take a moment and read this... and if anyone has seen the father, please report this to the authorities, it is the right thing to do.....


Baby Blue where ever you are, just know that you are in a much better place now, because NO ONE can harm you now. May God Bless You!!

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