Feb 22, 2008

Good bags that I did for the kids for Valentines Day!!!

ok so I will be posting the goody bags I did for the kids, Maria over

at "Cards Inspired by Maria" had this cute post on her blog,

she is like a freakin card Queen, so Maria my card muse

take a bow and enjoy the applause (clapping), lol.

This was yet another fine idea....

here is the link incase you want to check it out

I will be doing these for Jason's 3rd grade class this Easter...

Without further delay, here are the bags...

The little round embellies are initials, I used the initials of the kids
to make sure they all felt special and so that they would
not fight over whose bag belonged to whom, lol.....of course they got
extra stuff too like stuffed animals, and chocolates......

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