Feb 29, 2008

Swap Spoiler

I joined in a Bella Swap were we were not to color the bella,
my card layout was simple but I think it came out pretty good,
the tough part was not being able to color the bella but anywho here we go.

Oh yea an the bella could not be attached to card so when it gets to its destination

The swapper would be able to color it. but more or less this is the placement of it...


Kim said...

So cute - I love this Bella. Hope I get one of your swaps. Kim luv2spendabella

Mary said...

This is very cute! I'm in this swap too - I did feelabella. Yours is one of the bellas I don't have so hopefully I'll get one of your cards!! Have a great day!! Mary (mamarazzibella)

Debby said...

I'm in this swap as well. Your creation is super cute.