Feb 28, 2008

Hold on to your Brooms and Vaccuums,,,,

I just got confirmation on this March 08 Featured Artist.
I will make the Reveal this Sunday or Monday Evening.
She is totally cute and adorable, she is currently working with
another company that we all know and love, her tutorials are to die for...she
may not think so but yea they are, and she just hit a milestone
20,000 + on her blog in less than 2 months, thats too cool....
I am soo excited that she said yes so look for that this weekend
and also I have a little update on my PHAT Stamps
but for that you would have to go visit me on
I just spoke with my designer and she will be diligently working
on completing my premiere set. soooo with that said, head on over there
ill even try to have alittle sneaky peek at TERESA....
oh goshhh I am drooling here. there will also be
Cleaners and Scrubbers that you could purchase
from my line. So yea its exciting.
I dont know how these ladies do it, but its very hard
I guess thats why they say that we MOMS
really do deserve to be treated like a Queen every now and then
because we really do try to do it all...and still have dinner on the table....
Whew, I can take a breather now,, thanks yall for stopping by and like always
I know you have a choice in what you read and i thank you for reading my blog.

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