Feb 22, 2008

Its Official....we got a SNOW DAY!!!!!

Lots of snow.....yay.... I guess mama naturaleza heard me and decided to dump snow on us it started falling about 2 a.m. and now its almost 2 p.m. and the kids are outside
playing around I have not been feeling too motivated
these past 2 days, so I havent even taken a picture of the kids playing outside.....
but I got myself up from the laptop and walked over right now and
took some shots.....I called the Board of Ed this morning to verify that
the schools were closed and sure enough they were.
Have you moms ever experienced this, on a regular normal school day
its soo hard to get this kids outta bed, but here is a
snow day, without knowing if school is closed or not, they are up
at the butt crack of dawn, lol......sorry for the french, lol...
Let me know if you have gone thru this cause I feel like Im the only one.....
Well here are some pics..... oh I was even able to get a pic of the Lunar Eclipse that
took place the other day, it leaves little to be desired but eh,, i took one...

Thats my son right there, he is having a great ole time out there.....the other is the

view from behind my house, i think i have one more ... yup here it is...

Well I hope you all like the pics, have a nice hot cup of cocoa and surf around
on the blog and check out other postings if you havent done so already!!!
Thanks for reading and stopping by, for those who are new thank you for coming
and for those who return Thank you for coming back.....
Oh yea, I dont know if I posted it so I am going to check it out, but if I
didnt, Im gonna post ina few minutes,
Maria over at
Card inspired by Maria >>>>>link is ova there, had this cute
bag that she made for her kids clubs, it can be found here
I did this for my rugrats too, its literally very easy to do takes no time at all....
I'll be back in a few and post pics if I didnt...

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