Feb 7, 2008

ok one more I guess...lol

I am really upset at the fact that Mother Nature has totally forgotten New Jersey in her
Snow Spells.
I am glad that we have had pretty good weather
like yesterday it was almost 70 degrees here, lovely
But I want to have at least One Freaking Snow Day, where the kids, hubby can
stay home and we just do nothing but watch the snow fall all day and into the evening.
For those who are subscribed to Gina K, did you see the pic of the snow.
My goodness isnt that lovely.....
if not go on over to her blog
We need some snow here, well I hope mother nature has subscribed to my blog
and reads this, and maybe send some this way, lol.....
See yall later and Ill be sure to post the things from QVC when they arrive....

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