Feb 7, 2008

I am very proud of my Daughter

ok for years now my daughter has been on the Tomboyish
side of life, lol... So I am glad to report that she has
shown interest in becoming Miss Puerto Rico in our local
Pageants held here in NJ, for the NJ Statewide Puerto Rican Day Parade which
is in September 2008.
She will be running for Ms. Guayanilla (small town in PR) in the Juvenile Category
I am so ecstatic, she could not run for the town that I am from
which is San Sebastian because the town was already picked by
another girl, so we opted for her Step fathers Town...
Is He happy you ask? Let me just say that he is constantly talking about
her at work and has sold many tickets for her.....
The first party for the event is this Saturday so I will be posting
it up on here and Gosh if she wins, We already have a Dress Designer
that is going to be working with her to get her the most exotic beautiful
dresses done for her.
Wish her luck ladies.

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